Spend a Day on the Beltline

By: Ali Kovac, 1st Year- Epidemiology

While Atlanta has many fun things to do, I think one of the most unique features is the Beltline. Located throughout Atlanta, the Beltline features miles of paved paths which walkers, bikers, and skaters can enjoy without the annoyance of Atlanta traffic. It is ever changing, with an expansion of the trails and frequent additions of new art pieces. Since I live in Inman Park, my favorite section is the Eastside Trail, which is 2.5 miles in length. Many days I have enjoyed a leisurely stroll or a quick jog, but one of my favorite times was when I rented bikes and rode the 2.5 miles on the East Side Trail, from Krog Street Market to Piedmont Park.


There are quite a few places to rent bikes for the Beltline. I rented from Atlanta Beltline Bicycle, located a short walk from Krog Street Market, which marks one end of the Eastside Trail (for now). The price is $5 per hour or $20 for a full day. Another option is to rent at Ponce City Market (PCM). This is a great idea if you will be driving to the Beltline, as there are many parking options at PCM.

On a nice day, the Beltline can get very crowded. However, without having to worry about cars, it can be the best way to explore parts of Atlanta and appreciate the outdoors. No matter where you start, here are some of my tips and suggestions:

  • Enjoy Piedmont Park! Seeing the skyline while relaxing on green grass reminds you of how special a city Atlanta is. You are able to find an urban oasis right in the middle of the city! The Atlanta Botanical Gardens are also located in Piedmont Park and can be a great activity.
  • Stop at Ponce City Market. Right on the Beltline, this repurposed Sears, Roebuck & Co. Building has such a cool feel and includes a mix of shops and restaurants. The center of PCM holds a large Food Hall, which makes it perfect for not having to agree on one place to eat. You are able to pick up food or drinks from over 25 restaurants and take it to the numerous tables and sitting areas both indoors and outdoors. I also love grabbing a King of Pops fun-flavored popsicle before heading back out to the Beltline.
  • The Historic Fourth Ward Skate Park and field is always bustling. You can easily find a pickup game of soccer or skate on the ramps.
  • Lastly, there are a couple of great options to eat that are right on the Beltline. One of my favorite Atlanta restaurants is Parish: The Brasserie and Neighborhood Café. Upstairs is a Southern eatery, perfect for a nice dinner or brunch on the weekends. But downstairs is a coffee bar, perfect for grabbing something and sitting on the picnic tables they have outdoors.

The Beltline is perfect for everyone and I highly recommend spending a day exploring what Atlanta has to offer!


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