Rollins Student Ambassadors

The Rollins Student Ambassador program is an extension of the RSPH Office of Admissions in the Office of Student Affairs. Rollins Student Ambassadors play an important role in supporting recruitment efforts, communicating the Rollins mission and, serving as an outstanding example of the Rollins student community.

Ambassadors help with a variety of admissions functions including:

  • Lead campus/building tours for prospective and admitted students,
  • Participate in Rollins recruitment events in Atlanta and around the United States,
  • Serve as representatives of the Rollins School of Public Health,
  • Answer questions related to admissions and student life at Rollins,
  • Author content for the Rollins Student Ambassadors blog.

Rollins Student Ambassadors wear many hats. If you would like to know more about the program or are interested in becoming a Rollins Student Ambassador, contact the Rollins Student Ambassadors Co-Leaders for more information at

2022-2023 Ambassadors
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