Activism at Rollins

By: Merete Tschokert, 1st Year- Behavioral Sciences & Health Education

Rollins, for me, is like a tight community. We were strangers only a few months ago, and now Rollins has grown into a communal little village. We laugh together and we cry together (literally); but beyond that, we all share one commonality: each individual strives to leave RSPH on a different note from the one we all entered with.

At Rollins there are different ways to engage with your peers, like volunteering for ATL-based non-profits, student organizations, and activism. You will have the opportunity during Rollins-Teer Day to volunteer for an organization during orientation. Furthermore, Rollins has a variety of student organizations which want to raise awareness and are doing different kind of events. For example, Students for Social Justice (S4SJ) organized a sign making event the day before the Atlanta March for Social Justice and Women. The Queer/Trans Collaborative at Rollins (QTC) transformed the glass bridge into a huge rainbow during Pride week. Besides these already established organizations, students take the initiative and organize events themselves.

For example, you will find post-it notes around campus with quotes like ‘When you reach for me, I’ll be there – Courage’, and fliers for a student-organized event named ‘Stand up, Speak out: #NOMUSLIMBAN #REFUGEESAREWELCOMEHERE.’

Rollins supports you to become proactive and your fellow students will back you up. Changing the world starts here.


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