Atlanta Coffee Spots

By: Meredith Yinger, 1st Year- Health Policy & Management

I figured out pretty early in undergrad that I needed a change of scenery from the library and other usual study spots at school. I’m also admittedly a coffee addict and found that I am more productive in coffee shops. When I moved to Atlanta I made a point to venture out of the Gracement and find some good study (and people watching) spots. Here’s some of my favorites:

Inman Perk – Inman Park

  • Inman Perk is my favorite coffee shop in Atlanta so far. It is almost always crowded on the weekends, and it’s usually not quiet even though there are a lot of people doing work. They have some solid food options, so it’s a good place to study if you are going to be there for more than an hour or two. I recommend the breakfast burrito or pesto grilled cheese. Inman Perk is often where I decide to study on Saturdays, because I love the area where it is located. You can always take a study break and walk on the Beltline, or meet someone for a drink.inman-perk-exterior

The Depot by Kaldi’s Coffee – Depot on Emory’s Campus

  • If you are really brave and cross the bridge to undergraduate world, and then take a really quick right turn, go down the stairs, and cross the street toward the railroad tracks you will be at Kaldi’s. This is one of my favorite places to do work on campus, especially if you have awkwardly long breaks between classes. They have sandwiches, pastries, and other food options, along with full tea service. There is outside seating on the patio that’s really nice, but when the train comes by it is admittedly really loud. Kaldi’s also doesn’t close until 2am, which is hard to find anywhere else in the city.

Chrome Yellow Trading Co. – Old Fourth Ward

  • My friend Sierra found this trendy, rustic place on Instagram (and wanted a shout out).  There’s a lot of people studying or working on important looking things, so you get slightly shamed into being productive. But there’s also a little store with local ATL stuff, so when you really need a break, you can take one in a socially conscious way. It’s also pretty far off of the typical Rollins student path, and gives you the chance to explore a new part of the city. Chrome Yellow has a Vanilla-Bourbon Latte (what’s there not to like?) and cold-brew on tap, among lots of other good caffeine options.img_3487-800x800

ChocoLate – Decatur  

  • This is one of the closer coffee shops to campus, and I stop by and grab coffee on my way to and from work pretty often. I have studied here on a few occasions, and it can be a nice change of scenery and environment from Rollins. They have a bunch of tables of all sizes, a couple of tables outside, and a group study room that you can reserve. Sometimes their music is a little bit loud for my personal preference (a common trend I’ve found in Atlanta), but if noise isn’t a huge concern for you this can be a good, convenient spot. They close at 9pm on weekdays.

Dancing Goats – Downtown Decatur

  • Dancing Goats has a good study environment. It’s always filled with busy people and has a bunch of different tables to work at. They have a parking lot with free parking, which is really nice for downtown Decatur, but they close at 7pm on weekdays. It is centrally located, with plenty of food options around for when you are done studying.  dancing_goats_decatur_02   

General Muir– Emory Point

  • General Muir is across the street from the CDC in Emory Point, so it’s one of the few places on this list that is walking distance from Rollins. General Muir has great food and coffee. I am partial to General Muir because they have matzo ball soup and killer bagel breakfast sandwiches. **Disclaimer – there isn’t really anywhere to sit and study here, but I thought it deserved a mention because it’s so close to campus.

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