Advice: Pay Attention to Your Emails

Clarissa Delgado, 2nd-year Environmental Health Student

I say this because that is how I obtained the perfect part-time position this past spring and this current summer. I work for an upcoming nonprofit called The Biophilic Institute. Their mission is centered on best practice sharing in regards to sustainability issues for the individual, local community, and city.

Biophilia means the love of life and the natural world around us. The theory behind biophilic design is that our human health and happiness is positively associated to our natural surroundings.

Working with The Biophilic Institute allows me to get “behind-the-scenes” look at how nonprofits get started and how they are sustained with a dedicated board of directors. I get to spend my time researching what others are doing in the world of architecture, public policy, and public health in efforts to provide a healthier environment for the public and our planet.

I would not have found this position if it weren’t for all the emails we, as students, receives! You will actually be bombarded with so many emails…too many to handle at times. Do not delete them right away. Read through them carefully to find those hidden gems. Faculty and staff are always advertising and passing along job opportunities for each department and their students, but these can get lost in your inbox. Keep an eye out for those emails along with career services and you will surely find the perfect position for yourself.

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