10 Things You Will Discover as an RSPH Student:

 Rhyan Vereen, 2nd-year Epidemiology student 

1. You will find out what the acronyms EPI, GH, EH, BSHE, GLEPI, CMPH, HPM, etc. stand for.

2. When grocery shopping, you purposefully will not buy enough food for a whole 5 days of lunches, because you are 100% sure that you will come across free lunch somewhere in Rollins at least once per week.

3. By the end of the first year, you will feel like SAS is a new language that should be added to your resume.


4. You will discover that going to the Grace Crum Rollins building basement to study requires you to be dressed in a sweatshirt to prevent frostbite. Dressing in layers is a must to properly prepare for the bizarre weather inside and outside the building.  Note to future students: invest in one of these!


5. You will see public health everywhere.


6. You will forget that RSPH is located right beside the CDC until they hold Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) interviews at RSPH and you cant find a study room.

7. You will face a daily mind battle when deciding whether to take the tunnel shortcut in the basement or walk outside and use the stairs to get to the Health Sciences Library.

8. When you pull the yellow string to get off of the B Route bus, you will suddenly realize that a significant number of people at RSPH live in Campus Crossing.


9. You will learn to treat the Citrix Virtual Desktop like a shy friend. If you introduce it to too many people at once, it shuts down, but if you’re patient, it will do exactly what you want. However, if you are still frustrated, you can always go use a desktop computer; less convenient, but always faithful.

10. You will read public health jokes with your peers and actually laugh out loud. Get it? Beta hat! Haha


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