An (Brief) Overview of Atlanta (from the Rollins perspective)

Jessica Li, 2nd Year Environmental Epidemiology Student

The names you’ll hear tossed around all the time:

A great family-oriented neighborhood. Many of your fellow students live in North Decatur or near Downtown Decatur. The square, complete with a gigantic teal gazebo and historical buildings, is right above the Decatur MARTA Station; it is the place to go for cute dates, leisurely evening strolls, and for bringing your visiting families. Some notable restaurants here include: Brick Store Pub, Cakes and Ale, Eddie’s Attic, Twain’s, Iberian Pig, Leon’s Full Service, Café Alsace, Chai Pani, Farm Burger, Community Q, and Paper Plane. Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market is also here (thank me later).

Virginia Highlands (VaHi)
Many a night was and will be spent here. With its relaxed hipster vibe, it’s a hotspot for Emory students and young professionals looking for a chill atmosphere. Parking is not fun, and housing here is usually not within a grad student’s budget. Notable places include: Hand in Hand, Neighbor’s, Dark Horse Tavern (10 High), Atkin’s Park, Diesel, and Murphy’s.

The other place that many a night was spent. Similar to the Highlands, it’s a hotspot for a younger crowd. As far as I know, Edgewood is solely for nightlife. I am not even sure if there are restaurants here. Places include: Mother, Joystick, Church, Noni’s, Edgewood Corner Tavern.

Sometimes we like to up the ante, spend a little more, get a little bit more dressed up, and dance a little more. Midtown is the place to go for delicious food and a good time. Midtown is teeming with young professionals, Tech and State students and grads, and has an incredibly active LGBTQ Community. Notable places in Midtown (on a grad school budget) include: Piedmont Park, Antico, Sublime Doughnuts, The Independent, Mary Mac’s Tea Room, Cypress St. Pint & Plate, Vortex, Café Intermezzo, and Papi’s. For dancing, you can’t go wrong with Vanquish, Prive, Cosmolava, Halo, Reign, or Opera.

Many young professionals live here. This is the ritzy part of town, with nice shopping and dining opportunities AKA BRING YOUR PARENTS HERE WHEN THEY VISIT TO TREAT YOU. Lenox Mall and East Andrews is here.

Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list, but just a way to get Atlanta newbies started. I know people who have lived here for years and still don’t know all the neighborhoods by heart yet. There is also Old Fourth Ward (O4W), Poncey Highlands, Little 5 Points, East Atlanta Village (EAV), random parks, Cabbagetown,, and the list goes on and on and on…

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