Thanks a Brunch! Three Atlanta Restaurants to Try

By Chloe Chung – Behavioral Sciences and Health Education

Café Intermezzo

Craving a decadent warm drink? Want to feel like you’ve stepped into a European coffeehouse? Want to snag the perfect shot to fit your Instagram aesthetic? Look no further than Café Intermezzo! Located in midtown, this classy spot is a must. I discovered this place a year into living in the city, and I can’t believe it took me that long.

Whether you’re craving a sweet or savory brunch, Café Intermezzo has you covered.


The café is modeled after European style and it truly feels like it’s located abroad. There are “tour guides” who can provide a description of the extensive pastry list. In addition to the atmosphere, what makes Café Intermezzo stand out is its extensive drink booklet. Coffee lovers, rejoice! There are a multitude of cozy beverages to choose from. Not a coffee fan? Don’t worry, there is a plethora of other drinks to try. I am not a huge coffee drinker myself, so I opted for a hot chocolate


Hot Chocolate DeLuxe…yum!

Pro-tip 1: Even though the place looks fancy, prices are reasonable and dressing nice is not required.

Pro-tip 2: Parking is available in nearby structures on the weekends and the Café validates parking tickets.

Flying Biscuit

Flying Biscuit is the epitome of a classic Southern brunch. Since breakfast is served all day, this is the place to stop if you’re craving breakfast food at any time. There are 12 locations across the state, so it’s safe to assume there’s one located a convenient distance from you. Since Candler Park was the first location, I recommend going to that one to experience a bit of Atlanta food history. The combination of comfort food and bright, painted walls is sure to brighten your day.

Pro-tip: Whatever your order, make sure to get a biscuit!

Poor Calvin’s

Anyone who knows me knows this is my favorite restaurant. Fair warning that this place is definitely on the pricier end, so I reserve it for special occasions (particularly when my parents visit)! Poor Calvin’s is the perfect blend of Asian fusion and classic Southern food. A popular brunch choice is the chicken and sweet potato waffle. No matter your order, the lobster mac and cheese is a must-try! My go to order is the fried chicken since: 1) it is a captivating blend of tender chicken and crispy skin with a slight kick and 2) it comes with a side of the lobster mac and cheese.


Fried chicken with the lobster mac and cheese and collard greens.

If the food wasn’t good enough, the drinks put the place over the top.

Pro-tip 1: due to its small size, Poor Calvin’s is not the best place for large groups. I personally wouldn’t recommend a group over 4, although the restaurant does have a couple of 6 person tables.

Pro-tip 2: Parking is valet only. Make sure to have some cash on you!

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