Learning Your Libraries

By: Krystyn Malveaux – Epidemiology

Emory University has a multitude of great study spots on campus to meet any study need ranging from group work to individual needs. A lot of Rollins students and nearby schools utilize the Gracement to study or get work done. The Gracement has the specific software necessary that you normally find required for classes at the School of Public Health, and it offers a close option to quickly study in between classes. If you are open to the walk and bringing your laptop to access the virtual server in necessary situations, hopefully you can find a new study space.

Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library
This is the closest library to Rollins, and if you take the tunnel located in the Gracement you can remain indoors for most of the commute. At the Health Sciences library you can find course reserves, individual cubicles, and group study rooms for meetings or any group work. They also offer training by request, meaning if you would like more exposure to EndNote or want to learn how to plan for a systematic review they will offer courses that will help you with your research. You can also receive an individual session with a librarian to help you personalize the support for your research. You can review what else this library offers here.

Pitts Theology Library
This library holds exhibits and is currently showcasing A Book More Precious than Gold.
Though you can go here to learn more from their exhibits, they also have study spaces for individual or group work. Additionally, this library holds weekly workshops centering around improving research techniques. You can review what else this library offers here.

Hugh F. MacMillan Law Library
This library houses multiple student study rooms that can be further used for an interview with AV Services if necessary. They also hold StressBusters events throughout the semester to help students alleviate stress especially around exam season. You can review what else this library offers here.

Robert W. Woodruff Library
This is the main library on Emory’s campus, and holds the most expansive study spaces as it offers private and public group settings for studying. This would be the library to find books to read as a hobby as they offer a vast collection digitally and physically.
This library also holds exhibits in the case you need a study break. The 10 th floor of this library is the Stuart A. Rose Library which holds an exhibit and a stunning view of the city at various perspectives. You can review what the Woodruff Library holds here and what current exhibit is at the Rose Library here.

All of the above libraries offer great study location alternatives to Rollins, and work within an interlibrary network to provide students across campus their necessary support. A majority of the services found at these libraries can be found at another campus location, and some of these offer specialized services to the students they serve.

Health Sciences: https://health.library.emory.edu
Pitts: http://pitts.emory.edu
Law: http://library.law.emory.edu/index.html
Woodruff: https://web.library.emory.edu//index.html
Rose: https://rose.library.emory.edu

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