We are the Champions – RSPH Intramurals

By: Tori KonradGlobal Epidemiology

If you ask pretty much anyone at RSPH what their favorite part about our school is, they’ll likely tell you it’s the people. The friends I have made in these past two years are wonderful people who are committed to truly making a difference and improving health worldwide. While I enjoy our time together in the Gracement working on SAS projects and other homework, the best times I’ve had have been with a group of friends outside of our beloved CNR and GCR.

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This summer, a few of us had a wild idea to form an intramural kickball team, and let me tell you, it was a BLAST. Our team had at least one ‘athlete’ from every department at RSPH. Athlete is used pretty loosely for most of us. It was a great way to really get to know Rollins students who we wouldn’t have known otherwise. This summer we were working on our Practicums {Applied Practice Experiences} around ATL, so kickball was a chance for us all to get together a few evenings each week, enjoy the sunshine, run around for heart health, be extremely competitive, and have a BALL. Long story short, we WON the grad school summer kickball league. **Cue We Are the Champions**

We had so much fun with kickball that we decided Intramural Flag Football would be a good call. We were significantly (for sure p< 0.05) worse at flag football, but we still laced up our sneakers and headed down to the IM fields a few times a week with our new friends to burn off some energy and laugh for a solid hour or so. We won some games, but realized that we were really kickball people and flag football was not our forte. Throughout the semester, we took electives with our new friends and kept the group chats going.

This spring, catch us back (with some brand new additions) playing IM softball. We’re the one’s with the really loud fan section cheering “Public Health!!!!” If you’re considering joining an IM team, definitely go for it. I never played IMs in undergrad, but am SO happy I found this group to use those middle and high school sports skills with in graduate school.


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