Making the Most of Visit Emory

By: Michelle Fletcher – 1st Year – Global Health

For many, Visit Emory can be really exciting or really intimidating or if you’re anything like me it’s a combination of both. Reflecting back on my experience I realize that were some things that made my experience amazing and other things I wish I had taken advantage of. I have created a list of tips on making the most of your Visit Emory experience.

1. Utilize the Housing Match: Being able to stay with a current student in the department that I was accepted into turned out to be an amazing experience. Naturally I was apprehensive to stay with a stranger, but my host was so inviting and went out of her way to ensure that my stay was comfortable.

Pro tip: Be specific in your housing match application. State if you need specific accommodations or needs so that we can ensure that your stay is comfortable.

2. Sit in on Classes: Take advantage of class visits for the department you were accepted into. This will give you perspective on what classes are like and professor expectations.

Pro tip: Engage with students in the class! Talk with them and get to know more about their experience at Rollins.

3. Explore the Surrounding Areas: I highly recommend Ponce City Market and Little Five Points. Both are quirky and unique in their own way. Depending on how long you’re in Atlanta, the Georgia aquarium and MLK national park are other places to check out.

Pro tip: Several students have blog posts about things to do in Atlanta (many of the activities are free).

4. Plan your Time Wisely: There are so many things to do during Visit Emory which can be overwhelming. What helped me was creating a schedule prior for the things I signed up for and finding other things to do to fill any gaps.

Pro tip: Use the calendar app on your phone to schedule your daily events (make sure to include the event location). This saved me a lot of time when moving in between sessions and I didn’t have to constantly remove my written schedule from my backpack.

5. Network with Faculty: One thing I wish I did at Visit Emory was faculty networking. If you’ve already committed or plan to commit to Rollins, this is a perfect time to introduce yourself to professors within your admitted department. Each department will have meetings over the two days and usually faculty are present.

Pro tip: Research faculty in your area of interest before arriving. This will allow you to be precise and intentional when introducing yourself. Also, cold emailing can be kind of scary, but faculty want to hear from you so don’t be too intimidated!

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