Why I Applied to Rollins

By: Rocksuna Falahati – 1st Year – Healthy Policy & Management

There are so many reasons why I chose to apply to Rollins. Here are my six (in no particular order):

     1. Location

Atlanta is essentially the public health capital of the world which makes the location of Rollins even more convenient. The CDC is literally right next door. Emory also has of access to different organizations in the community such as the American Cancer Society, CARE, Task Force for Global Health, and the Georgia Department of Public Health.

     2. Networking

image1 (2)Ever since coming to Rollins, I have seen networking in a different perspective. It doesn’t have to be scary and intimidating at all. Networking can range from building relationships with people you already know to reaching out and meeting those you do not know. Rollins provides so many networking events as well as networking workshops to help you master this skill.

     3. Strong Sense of Community

One of my favorite aspects of Rollins is the strong sense of community I got from visiting Emory for the RSPH Admissions Information Session and the RSPH Open House. Public health is a field where everyone comes together for a common goal: to prevent disease and promote health. Everyone here is helpful and are willing to share their experiences with you. Whether it be working…or struggling on an assignment in the “Gracement”, students are willing to lend a helping hand to help you understand. Graduate school can be stressful sometimes with the assessments and assignments and what seems like everything coming at you at once but having a positive sense of community in the student body can help you survive and thrive. Even though I’ve been at Emory for a short time so far, I know that the overwhelming sense of community will keep me going no matter how tough times will get, and I am so happy to be a part of this Rollins community.

     4. Faculty

Rollins also has amazing faculty who conduct a wide range of research as well as adjunct professors who also bring their full-time work experience insight into the classroom.image4

     5. Career Development and Opportunities

image3 (1)Rollins has its own career services. Our career coaches provide excellent advice specifically for our field of public health. Each semester our career services puts on a career fair where students get opportunities to network, find internships, volunteer opportunities, practicum opportunities, and full time/ part time jobs. A lot of students also work during their time at Rollins and graduate with professional public health work experience.

     6. Gym (The WoodPEC)

The Emory gym provides opportunities in club sports, credit and non-credit instructional classes, fitness classes, intramural sports, personal training, rock climbing, special events and more.

image2 (2)

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