My Experience at Visit Emory

By: Gabby D’Angelo– 2nd year- Global Environmental Health

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Rollins School of Public Health! Spring has finally arrived and so has the time to choose the school that will help advance your career in Public Health. Many of Emory’s prospective students receive multiple admissions to institutions across the nation and it can be very overwhelming. Therefore, taking advantage of the on-campus visits is extremely important! The Rollins School of Public Health hosts their Visit Emory day at the end of March and it is an amazing opportunity to learn so much about the program that you have been accepted to.


When I was admitted to Rollins as a Global Environmental Health student I was ecstatic! Emory’s program was my first choice, but it was my second acceptance. In preparation for the potential heartbreak of not being admitted to Emory, I had already begun to picture a life at the other school where I was already offered admission. So when my acceptance letter finally arrived from the Rollins School of Public Health, I wasn’t quite ready to let go of the future I had already planned in my head. That’s when I realized that I needed to visit the campus and Atlanta before I made any decisions and signed up for Visit Emory!


When attending Visit Emory I made sure to take advantage of both days and signed up for nearly all of the “optional” activities. I was able to sit in on a class that was taught by a prominent professor in my department, visit the CDC museum, and meet numerous prospective and current students. I really enjoyed seeing all of the modern components of the school and the engaging lecture, but my favorite part of the visit was meeting the current students. I made it a point to have conversations with as many Rollins students as possible, with both ambassadors and non-ambassadors. The enthusiasm for the school that was shared among all of the students and faculty was amazing! I truly felt that everyone I encountered during my visit was genuinely happy to be there and loved the opportunities offered at Rollins. Visit Emory also allowed me to get to know the city of Atlanta. I was able to explore the famous beltline, popular restaurants, and potential apartments. During a beautiful Saturday afternoon in March I also fell in love with the vibrant culture and amazing food found in the city of Atlanta.


By the time that I boarded my flight back home, I had secured an apartment to live in and my first item of Emory apparel from the bookstore! I was so ready to begin my journey as part of the Rollins Community and nearly every day since starting classes (almost) two years ago I am reaffirmed of my decision. This is exactly where I was meant to be and it all started with Visit Emory!

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