Loosening the Definition of “Networking”

By: Jason Pecorella– 1st Year, Epidemiology

Who says networking has to be limited to wearing suits, exchanging business cards, and hoping that some conversation will lead to a job? While Rollins’ Career Development Office ensures there are ample opportunities for this type of networking, student organizations at Rollins have done an amazing job of creating more exciting events for networking. From departmental specific networking nights, to specific public health networking events (such as an Emergency and Outbreak Response Networking Night); Rollins offers it all- and on some occasions, a tradition that began as a networking opportunity becomes purely fun.

       The Rollins Student Government Association (RSGA) hosts an event called “Convos on Tap” three times a semester. This event started out as a way for students and faculty to network in a more fun and casual way, other than office hours. While faculty still make the occasional appearance, this event has become a staple for students to form a community at Rollins. After all, we are all going to be public health professionals someday, so isn’t it important to network with each other? While Convos in no way will land us a job in the near future, it helps students connect and distress. The typical Convos has plenty of beer, food, 300 of your classmates (and sometimes their dogs), and an occasional dance party.

If you had the opportunity to come to Visit Emory in March, you got a sample of life at Rollins during our final Convos of the spring semester! Convos is not the only event hosted by RSGA. As a student, you are invited to a number of departmental specific events, interdepartmental events, and grad-school wide mixers. These events range from bagel breakfasts to full-fledged carnivals complete with inflatables and funnel cake with a number of different types of events in-between. At Emory, across the graduate schools, there is a pronounced effort to ensure that student life is robust and prosperous and that is one of things that makes being a graduate student here so great. A simple Google search can show you that Rollins will offer you a top-notch education, but beyond the academics, the experiences you will have at Rollins are what will provide you the connections that will lead to boundless prospects for the future. 

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