By: Joanne Amposta, 1st Year – Behavioral Science and Health Education 

When gallivanting around this wonderful city, you may hear the terms, “OTP” and “ITP” being thrown around in conversations, but what does that actually mean?

OTP means “Outside the Perimeter,” and ITP means “Inside the Perimeter.” Haven’t thought about the term, “perimeter” since high school much like myself? Take a look:

OTP.pngThat’s right. Atlanta is surrounded by a giant circle! The Perimeter is just a fancy nickname for I-285!

There are differences being OTP and ITP:

Outside the Perimeter, the rent prices tend to be lower; however, you may experience having significantly longer commute times. Additionally, it is not as accessible to MARTA rail lines (there are only three stations: Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and Chamblee). I tend to go OTP on the weekends when there’s not as much traffic. Why? There are some amazing places to eat, of course! Here are some of my favorite places:

  • MacLab Bakery and Café: Now, I haven’t been to France or anything – but I have taken some of my more well-traveled friends here, and they said tMacLab.pnghat these macarons are just as good as the ones they’ve had in France! My favorite flavors include Elderflower and the Rose Lychee. This little bakery recently became Insta-famous because they make macarons shaped like unicorns!
  • Breaker’s Korean BBQ: Across the street from MacLab is some of the most delicious bulgogi I’ve ever had! Also, there are plenty of sides that come with your Korean BBQ experience. Breakers.png
  • Rev Coffee: This Smyrna coffee shop is built in an old car garage! The coffee is incredible (Coconut mocha, anyone?), and I suggest coming in earlier on the weekends because this place is a very popular study spot!

Inside the Perimeter, the rent prices tend to be higher, but your commute will be significantly shorter than if you lived Outside the Perimeter. Most Rollins students live ITP, and depending on where you live, you may be accessible to MARTA rail lines (typically Decatur and Lindbergh). My favorite places ITP include:

  • Taproom Coffee: I think this coffee (and beer) shop is incredibly special, mainly because they are so involved with the local community in Kirkwood. Located about 15 minutes from Rollins, this coffee shop sells local drinks and baked goods at a very reasonable price. 
  • Ebrik’s coffee shop: Another coffee shop, I know! But hear me out! Ebrik’s is located in downtown Atlanta, right by Georgia State University. This place is rather unique because they actually serve Turkish coffee! For those that have a REAL job downtown and want a place to study after your shift, I highly recommend Ebrik’s!
  • West Side Provisions: Located in West Midtown, West Side Provisions is a trendy city center that has so much to offer in regards to food and shopping! Personally, I love getting Jeni’s ice cream right after eating Taqueria del Sol. Ormsby’s is also a great place to hang out with friends if you like to play darts and bocce ball.Westside.png

Atlanta is a wonderful place to live, and it’s growing FAST! With that being said, there is always something new to explore OTP and ITP! Welcome home!


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