Atlanta Brunch Spots

By: Carter McCormick, 1st Year- Global Health

There is one truth I know in this world: the most important meal of the week is brunch. It is that sacred meal that you get after you sleep in on a Sunday and before you start to do work for the day. As someone who loves brunch deeply, I have tried to make my way through a few of the many brunch spots in Atlanta. Below is a list of just a few of the places I have started my Sundays off at:

A classic diner located in Emory Village (located on the “undergrad” side of campus), Rise-n-Dine is always hopping on a Sunday morning. Filled with families and Emory students alike, you are more than likely going to encounter a wait if you arrive later in the morning, but the turnaround is fast. On the menu, you will find all of your classic breakfast foods and a couple more unique twists. Order anything on the menu and you’ll be pleased.

Meal of Choice: Pangea (grilled roti bread, topped with two eggs and tomato sauce. Served with housemade hummus, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, and cucumber-onion salad).

Rise-n-Dine in Emory Village


Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit
Started in Charleston, SC and then opening a location in Virginia Highlands, Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit serves, not shockingly, incredible biscuits! All of the biscuits are handmade fresh and there’s a variety of flavors including classic buttermilk, cheese and chive, and black pepper bacon. You will not be disappointed with any biscuit you get. You can get 3 biscuits for $5, and they come hot and buttered. They also serve breakfast sandwiches (such as an egg and cheese biscuit sandwich) that vary from time to time. If you drink coffee, this is a great place to grab a cup because the coffee is just as good as the biscuits. They also have mint iced tea, which has great reviews. It is a smaller “order at the counter” venue, but they do have a few tables outside which are a great place to sit on a nice day.

Meal of Choice: Three cheese and chive biscuits (because I didn’t come here to try and be healthy) and an iced coffee.

A display of the biscuits for sale at Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit


Highland Bakery
There are several Highland Bakery locations throughout Atlanta, including one on Emory’s campus. The original location on Highland Avenue in Old Fourth Ward has a full restaurant and bakery. This was my first brunch adventure in Atlanta (I was brought here by a former RSPH student!) and I continue to come back. They have you covered from sweet to savory and small plates to large. Get here early because the line stacks up fast and you can end up waiting close to a hour if you come close to noon. While you wait though, you can always buy coffee or a pastry from the bakery and enjoy dessert before your meal.

Meal of Choice: Bring a friend so you can split the Fried Chicken Benedict (served on a biscuit because it is the South) and the Peanut Butter French Toast.

The Peanut Butter French Toast at Highland Bakery


My most recent brunch adventure. Located above Cameli’s Pizza in Little 5 Points, the rooftop patio is perfect on nice days. They open up the bay windows and it really creates a great atmosphere. The menu is extremely affordable too, which my grad student budgets appreciates. They have a smaller menu, but the items are everything you could want a brunch place to have (classic breakfasts, plus chicken biscuits).

Meal of Choice: TBA. I have to go back to order some other things to make that decision, you know, for research.

Arcadia in Little 5 Points


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