Lulling around Lullwater Park

By Farida Bana, 1st Year Behavioral Science & Health Education

After arriving to campus for an 8:30am lecture, there is nowhere I’d rather be than in bed, rolled up in blankets like a burrito and surrounded by fluffy pillows. This feeling tends to linger in and out throughout the 3-hour lecture. I’m clearly not a morning person. By lunch time at noon, I am drained, and decide to seek refuge in a cup of coffee. Next, I walk down to the basement of the Grace Crum Rollins building, catch up on homework, reading, or just lull around with friends.

This would generally be my normal routine during the free noon-1pm lunch hour, but one day I realized that I missed being outdoors. So, I decided to explore the land, and took a stroll to the ever-so-famous Lullwater Preserve and Park.

Lullwater Park? Sounds far and too good to be true…no way there’s a full-nature park in the middle of Emory and Atlanta!

Lullwater is a gorgeous nature preserve and park that exists just across the street from Rollins and a 5-minute walk down Clifton Road with an entrance between Gatewood Road and Haygood Drive. Almost every student at Emory will hear about it, but unfortunately not many take the time out to visit this tucked-away retreat. But I’m here to save you from missing out! There’s no better place to unwind, take a walk, or sit and people-watch than at Lullwater.

Here’s map:


Now you’re maybe thinking…”What makes this park so special?”

It’s BEAUTIFUL. There’s multiple trail options, and you can walk by the Emory President’s House. I’ll let some of these pictures do the talking.

Entrance from Clifton Road thanks…. Google Satellite

Things to note:

  • Access is limited to Emory students and faculty, or friends/family of Emory-affiliated people.
  • It’s only open during daylight.
  • Dogs/pets must be leashed.
  • There are emergency blue lights on the trails, so you’ll feel relatively safe.


So take a break to lull around re-energize. Happy exploring!


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