Apartment and House hunting!

By: Lana Childs, 2nd year Global Epidemiology

Once you make the decision to attend RSPH, apartment or house hunting can be an intimidating next step especially if you’ve never been to the area. I moved to Atlanta from Oregon so I found it incredibly overwhelming trying to find housing from across the country. If you’re attending Visit Emory and have the time, I recommend driving around various neighborhoods to get a better feel of your options. Most of the apartment complexes around Emory are expecting visitors and are more than happy to show you around.

Some of the popular neighborhoods to live include Little Five Points, Inman Park, Midtown, Virginia Highlands, Decatur, and North Druid Hills. It all depends on how close you want to be to Rollins. If you want to stay close to campus, I recommend focusing on North Druid Hills and Decatur.

Emory has an off-campus housing board with some great options including apartments, houses, rooms for rent, and roommate requests. RSPH also has a Facebook roommate group, which can be helpful if you’re trying to find classmates to live with.

I also decided to create a list of some of the apartment complexes near Emory. Just a little disclaimer – this is in no way an exhaustive list and I can’t personally recommend any of them – I just wanted to provide a list of some options that came to mind. For those of you interested in renting houses, I would check the off-campus housing board.

Campus Crossings at Briarcliff

Room options: 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms: This is an incredibly popular option among students especially first years. The complex is close to Rollins (about a 25 minute walk) and one of the Emory shuttles stops right in front of it. It also is close to a shopping center with some restaurant options and a grocery store. The apartments are furnished and they have a roommate matching. In my opinion, the apartments are a little pricey, but it does offer convenience!

 Post Briarcliff

Room options: 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms: This complex is about 2 miles from Emory, and an Emory shuttle drives right by it. It is right next door to a Whole Foods, and across the street from a Starbucks and several other restaurants.

 Sloan Square

Room options: 1, 2 bedrooms: Sloan Square is right down the street from Post Briarcliff apartments. It’s less than a five-minute walk from an Emory shuttle stop. It’s also close to Whole Foods and the same restaurants as Post Briarcliff.

Highland Lake Circle

Room options: 1, 2, 3 bedrooms: Highland Lake is another great option close to Emory’s Clairmont Campus. It’s about a 15-20 minute walk to the Clairmont Campus where a shuttle runs to Emory’s main campus. There aren’t any grocery stores or restaurants that are super close, but if you head down Clairmont (both directions) there are some great options.

 Clairmont Reserve

Room options: 1, 2 bedrooms:  Clairmont Reserve is right next door to Highland Lake so again there aren’t any food options super super close, but they’re just a quick drive away. This complex is slightly closer to the Clairmont Campus where you can catch the Emory shuttle to main campus.

 The Gateway at Cedarbrook

Room options: 1, 2, 3 bedrooms: This apartment complex is just under 4 miles from Rollins. It’s really close to Your DeKalb Farmers Market and pretty easy access to downtown Decatur.

 Paces Park

Room options: 1, 2, 3 bedrooms: Like The Gateway at Cedarbrook – this apartment complex is around 4 miles from Rollins. It’s close to Patel Plaza (great shopping center for Indian food) and Your Dekalb Farmers Market.

 Harwood Condominiums

Less than a five minute walk to Rollins. The condos are individually owned so generally the owners will post on the Emory off-campus housing board if their condo becomes available.

 Emory Point

Another great option if you want to be close to campus. It’s probably a 10-15 minute walk to Rollins and right across the street from CDC. While the location is great, it does come at a higher price than some of the other apartments I’ve listed.


P.S. The 2016 Housing Guide will be available at Visit Emory (March 31st- April 1st), if you are unable to attend but would like a copy please contact Emily Lakemaker.

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  1. Hi Kenny,
    We have updated the contact us page to include the ambassadors email as well as Emily’s. Please feel free to contact either with you questions or concerns. Thanks!

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