Dinner’s Ready

By: David Roth, 1st Year Environmental Epidemiology

Pani Purri. Oven Roasted Turkey. Sweet Potato Pie. Cranberry Almond Salad. Brownies. Mango Lassi. Chips and Salsa. Latkes. Parmesan Cheese Chips. Grandma’s Mac and Cheese. Pork Barbecue. Banana Pudding.

 Just a few foods to whet your appetite for the potential dishes you could find at a Rollins potluck! One of my favorite things so far in my time here at Rollins has been the potlucks I’ve had with friends I’ve made at Emory. For example, we did a big Friendsgiving in November, just before people left for Thanksgiving. Everyone brought their favorite dish from home, letting this west coast kid try his first ever green bean casserole.


Then there was the Diwali themed Indian potluck. My friend was so excited to be able to introduce all of us to traditional foods, ceramic painting and even a card game that she usually plays with her family. Hours away from home, we were able to be her family, share in her cultural celebration and she was able to attempt to teach me some Indian dance moves. It was a valiant effort on her part, but a failure on mine.

Just the other week, we had a spontaneous potluck. My friend Mike was at Kroger  and saw an extra large piece of pork on sale. He texted a bunch of people and said, “I’m barbecuing pork, come over in 7 hours for a potluck – bring a dish.” People quickly started responding with “I’ll bring this,” or “I’ll bring that.” And there is never any pressure to cook! We always hope someone brings chips and salsa, pita and hummus, some ice cream for dessert, or beer and wine. If not, there is still plenty of food!

dr2The wonderful thing about these potlucks is not only the food you get to try, but the time you spend with new friends. No matter what the theme of the potluck (if any) or how stressed you are with school, gathering together to take time out of your day is always a highlight. Whether it be eating and dancing, eating and playing board games, or eating and chatting, I always look forward to Friday/Saturday/Tuesday(?) night potlucks. They have been some of my favorite nights at Emory.

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