Helpful Resources for Incoming International Students

Danni Liu, 2nd-Year Biostatistics Student

danniCongratulations on your acceptance to Rollins School of Public Health! I would like to give special congratulations to all incoming international students! Having lived in Atlanta for the past three and a half years, I think this is a great place for everyone. Not only my do my fellow domestic classmates like this city (as you read from other blog posts), but very often I hear our international students at Rollins say that they too enjoy their life here.

As an internationals student, I still remember the mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness before coming to the United States for the first time. For me, to study abroad unfolds a new chapter of my life where there are always so many great things to learn, amazing people to meet, and interesting culture to explore. In this blog, I would like to list some resources that I found may be helpful for incoming international students to prepare for their journeys in the US and Rollins.

First and foremost, the NO.1 resource besides the RSPH admitted student portal is the RSPH International Students’ Programs and Services website. You will definitely obtain lots of useful information there: Rollins International Student Orientation, ESL Program, Global Peer Network, International Student Newsletter, as well as many downloadable resources, etc. Surely you do not want to miss this website as it will be your one-stop shop for digging up answers to probably most of your questions. Also, make sure that you take a look at this document – Finding Resources for International Students. I guess it is never too early to start learning about scholarships and employment opportunities available to international students at Rollins. And as always, do not forget that your friends, classmate, and professors at Rollins will be your best sources for networking.

The U.S. News & World Report website also has a good blog that offers great advice to international students – the International Student Counsel. For example, Prepare to Arrive on Campus as a New International Student is a pretty self-explained article for you to read before you head to the campus. You may also want to check out another post titled 7 College Orientation Tips for International Students when you are getting closer to your first day of orientation. I personally think that knowing what to expect always helps me better prepare for the day in the beginning.



Two short video clips are also available in these two webpages that briefly discuss everything listed above. I found them basic but worth to know. For example, the #1 on the top five things you should do is to have the information you need when you get off the plane. Nothing can compare with a smooth arrival on your very first day, so please make sure you have all things you need when going through customs at the first place you land in the U.S., making connecting flights (if applicable), contacting people who will be picking you up at the airport, or navigating your way to your hotel/apartment, etc. At the end of the day you will appreciate how precious it is to have a smooth first day of arrival in this country.

Another great page on the same website is The USA “Way Of Life”. It provides useful information from eight key aspects: Culture Shock, American Culture, Social Life, Accommodation, Transportation, Safety Issues, Money Matters and Working In The USA. In addition, the Study in Georgia page is a state-specific guide that gives you a brief taste for what your life will be in the next two years.

Last but not least, or even just for fun, here are 21 Ways You Know You Are An International Student and 13 Things Every International Student Can Relate To. Although being in a new environment surrounded by people you never know before could be somewhat a little intimidating, you will find that Rollins is a very supportive and diverse community. As long as you relax, stay positive and enjoy yourself, there will be lots of fun and excitement along the way. Best of luck and hope you have a wonderful time at Rollins and in Atlanta!

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