Epidemiology: Beyond Infectious Disease

Ashley Clark Daly, 1st Year Epidemiology MSPH

For many, the word epidemiology brings to mind thoughts of hazmat suits, outbreaks, and microscopic pathogens. However, while infectious disease epidemiology is very important, chronic disease epidemiology is an exciting and expanding field I encourage you to consider! According to the CDC, chronic diseases now account for 6 of the top 7 causes of death in the United States and the burden of these diseases will only continue to increase as our population ages. Epidemiologists play an important in the control and prevention of chronic diseases like Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, and Diabetes; and Rollins has tons of great ways to incorporate the study of chronic disease epidemiology into your curriculum!

Some of the courses the RSPH Epidemiology department offer include (but are not limited to): Epidemiology of Chronic Disease, Human Genome Epidemiology, Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology, Epidemiology of Aging, and Epidemiology of Cancer. There are also excellent seminar courses taught by various epidemiology faculty each semester, many of which focus on topics related to chronic disease.

Rollins Association For Cancer Prevention & Control


Outside of classes you can get involved in student organizations with a chronic disease focus, such as the Rollins Association for Cancer Prevention and Control (RACPAC). You can also search for a work experience at local organizations such as the CDC, the American Cancer Society, and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

So, whether you are passionate about Malaria or Melanoma, you will find opportunities to delve into your interests at Rollins. I highly encourage you to explore all of the exciting areas that epidemiology has to offer!

ashly daly
Modeling the latest in hazmat fashion


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