My Top 5 Favorite Adventures in Atlanta (so far!)

Olivia Hodgkiss, 1st-year Health Policy & Management Student

As a Midwesterner, I have LOVED the lack of snow so far this winter in Atlanta. There is so much to do and so many activities I still have planned Here is a list of my top 5 favorite adventures from the past couple of months.

1. Tomorrow World

I highly recommend saving up money to go to at least one day of this 3 day music festival. My friends and I went for Saturday and it was the experience of a lifetime! Pretty much every famous DJ you could hope to see was there. Even better: they had accessible water and line-free bathrooms (unlike at Music Midtown). It’s the perfect time of year (late September) so the weather was perfectly warm, but not hot.

ADVICE: Plan your transportation in advance. It was super convenient for us to have a scheduled Uber driver to drop us off and pick us up right when the night was over. Invest in a back-up phone charger to bring with you so your phone doesn’t die.

2. Stone Mountain

On a beautiful 60 degree Sunday in January (yes, January! I couldn’t believe it either!) I did the trek up Stone Mountain. The hike up was a good work out, and the view is amazing especially on a sunny day. You can also take the tram up and/or down the mountain if you’re not a big hiker.

ADVICE: Wear comfortable shoes and layers because you may get hot after hiking to the top. There are bathrooms at the bottom and top of the mountain as well. Also, if you think you would visit more than once a year, look at buying the annual pass (it will save you money!)

3. Music Midtown

This event was when I really knew that moving to Atlanta was the right decision for me. It is a two-day outdoor music festival right in the heart of Atlanta at Piedmont Park. Pretty much everyone from Rollins goes so it’s fun to get a big group together. The hardest part is deciding who to see when two amazing acts are on at the same time (i.e. Zac Brown Band and Eminem).

ADVICE: DON’T PLAN ON GOING TO THE BATHROOM. The bathroom lines earlier in the day are fine, but at night it is impossible to use a port-a-potty. Stay hydrated, but also know that bathroom lines are an issue. Also, plan your ride home in advance. Ubers were all in use after each night and reception is bad during the concert. We ended up getting a cab.

Music Midtown
Music Midtown


4. Fall Fling

This Rollins’ sponsored event was an awesome way to hang out with people in my program. The school puts it on at a nice local venue, and provides food and drinks. Basically, we get dress up and dance to music! You can also buy a ticket for a guest if you’d like to bring someone that does not attend Rollins.

ADVICE: Get tickets quickly because they sell out fast. My other advice– GO! It’s free unlike most things in life. Most people do something afterwards, too.

Fall Fling
Fall Fling



5. Georgia Aquarium/ World of Coke

Over Thanksgiving break, my family visited me in Atlanta. We went to the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coke. These are perfect places to take family/ visitors.

ADVICE: Go to the dolphin show at the aquarium (it’s pretty hilarious, there is a guy singing and everything). Try to go to both of these on “off” days or “off” times, they are very busy! Buy tickets in advance.

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