City in a Forest

Monica Lachey, 2nd-year Epidemiology Student

Growing up in the suburbs of a large(ish) city, I will be the first to admit that I very much rely the conveniences that come with living near a big city. I am always making last minute runs to Target for that one item I forgot to grab and love trying a new restaurant when I don’t want to cook. That being said, I was worried about moving to Atlanta because I definitely still need my space. I need fresh air and adventures to maintain my sanity in the midst of stressful jobs and classes. One of the things that surprised me the most when moving to Atlanta was how green it is! My uncle fondly calls Atlanta the “City in a Forest” and I have found this to be very on point. I’ve enjoyed taking mental breaks to explore a handful of Georgia’s 60+ state parks, nature preserves, rivers, walking trails, gardens, etc. Not to mention these trips are a great way to make friends with outdoorsy classmates!

Pine Mountain Summit Overlook
Pine Mountain Summit Overlook
Trail/Boardwalk at Houston Mill Park
Trail/Boardwalk at Houston Mill Park

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