Why Rollins? Straight Out of Undergrad Edition

By Karina Serrano, MPH’23 in Health Policy and Management

I graduated undergrad in 2021 and wanted to choose a program where it offered many different avenues to explore my interests. I have separated my thought process into three ideas: job opportunities, community, and city. I ultimately chose Rollins when I researched these factors due to the range of opportunities and ability to keep my social life engaged by exploring Atlanta during my free time.

Job Opportunities
Since I was applying directly from undergrad, I wanted the chance to explore different public health sectors before choosing a career. Rollins has a terrific Office of Career Development (OCD)  that partners with private and public companies. Additionally, historically Rollins has had many graduates enter fellowships at the federal level and hospitals across the county. Their job and fellowship outcomes greatly influenced my decision to enroll at Rollins.

While applying to internships in my first year, I used OCD to schedule an appointment for a resume review. The office has a wealth of knowledge, and I tailored my resume specifically for consulting internships. Ultimately, I was accepted into a consulting internship, and I was grateful Rollins could assist me during the application process. Currently, I have used OCD to schedule appointments to negotiate salary, and I got more than my company offered by using the advice from OCD!

Lastly, Rollins had options to tailor my technical skills through classes and electives of my choosing. Since I am on the policy track within the Health Policy & Management Department, I took “Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programs,” where I used a tool called TreeAge to create a cost-effectiveness analysis comparing prescription drugs. For my current elective, I am learning about Lean/Six Sigma through my course “Quality Methods and Improvement/Health Systems.” However, you can get certified in Lean/Six Sigma by taking a business school elective at no additional cost to your tuition!

Rollins, as a community, is very diverse and interconnected. I enjoyed seeing how Rollins students were active on campus, which proves true as a current student. I have met people from many backgrounds, and I always love hearing how they want to pursue a career in public health. Additionally, Rollins has many organizations that are active on campus! Department representatives from Rollins Student Government Association often host departmental and interdepartmental meet and greets. The list continues to range from cultural organizations, departmental organizations, career interest organizations, and more! Knowing that Rollins had active organizations that regularly hosted meetings for me to cultivate my interests made my decision easier! Organizations often host socials in Atlanta, which gives students an opportunity to explore the city.

Rollins is located in Atlanta, also known as the “Public Health Capital of the World.” It is a great location to be involved with various public health organizations and leading agencies in the field. Many students are able to conduct research with faculty, the CDC, and other institutions. It’s also important to relax, and Atlanta has a diverse range of food options, outdoor activities, and sporting events to explore during your free time!

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