Organization Spotlight: Rollins Consulting Group

By Karina Serrano, MPH’23 in Health Policy and Management (HPM)

Rollins Consulting Group (RCG) was started in the early 2000s by students in the Health Policy and Management (HPM) department at Rollins. It is a student-led organization under the Office of Career Development (OCD) and prioritizes consulting skill building and professional connections. RCG provides resources to students and aims to develop consulting knowledge/skills, provide insight to firms, and build professional relationships. RCG is open to all students at Rollins, regardless of department.

Typically, RCG hosts around five workshops during the Fall semester that provide insight into the field of consulting and different firms across Atlanta and beyond. Rollins alumni are invited to represent their firms such as Guidehouse, Deloitte, Slalom, Optum, and more during these workshops. Following workshops, time is allotted for Q&A sessions for students to inquire about job opportunities and network!

I interviewed the Vice President of RCG, Brianna Halliburton MPH’23 in the Behavioral, Social, & Health Education Sciences (BSHES), to gain insight into RCG from a leadership perspective.

Why did you decide to join RCG?

Brianna: I decided to join because after starting a job in consulting, I wanted to help people get the same opportunities. Consulting is a field that requires a lot of guidance and storytelling. Outside perspective is helpful and I feel like I receive that from members of RCG and Rollins. It is nice to carry the torch!

How has this experience enhanced your Rollins Experience?

Brianna: Building my network has been great and having a more in-person platform is helpful. I used Instagram to provide academic and career advice. This opportunity has allowed me to talk to people and network better. When I came to Rollins I wanted to be more impactful and involved. I have been able to connect with both my first and second years. I feel more career-ready, and RCG has made my Rollins experience full circle.

What has your favorite memory been?

Brianna: Our first event had a huge turnout! It was great seeing all the questions and engagement with the students and RCG alumni. Additionally, I enjoyed being a representative at the New Student Orientation (NSO) and seeing all the excitement from the incoming first years!

RCG welcomes all students that are interested in consulting!

*Please Note: The Rollins Ambassadors program is an unbiased group under the Office of Admissions and does not speak for organizations that are highlighted here.

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