How to Defend your Thesis

By: Erick Ojeda – Environmental Health

Before starting the thesis, it is always best to submit your required paperwork prior to your ADAP along with your faculty advisor for the thesis proposal to be considered. Doing a thesis shows others that you demonstrated the skills and knowledge you obtained through your academic department. Explore a topic that you enjoy in depth that shows different dimensions and to increase your practical skills and experience. Fina a faculty member whose research you enjoy, it can be from your local department or through another department, but it must provide your home department’s expectations for approval and provide the data analysis needed. Your advisor could be anyone from a professor affiliated with Rollins, an adjunct, or one who is jointly appointed to be your thesis advisor. It is always best to find your advisor of choice as early as possible, it can also be from your REAL position or even your Applied Practical Experience mentor. Some departments offer a research or proposal design course that can assist the student on writing a thesis topic of choice.

Students are required to meet with and obtain approvals from their faculty advisors throughout the project including the proposal. Each department is different regarding faculty advisors signing the thesis signing the final thesis submission, some faculty advisors may not sign but it is always best to communicate with your faculty and ask if it is necessary. When you want to review your thesis paper, it is always best to have it peer-reviewed by others including the RSPH Career Center or the Rollins Academic Resource Center and try to have your essay ready and formatted. They are always willing to help students with their writing to prepare their final thesis proposal. When presenting your thesis to others. It is always necessary to have a back-up plan on who can review your thesis and I suggest doing it as early as possible before presenting to faculty and students. It is always best to have an audience such as a group of friends, assistants from your research lab, or with some instructors you know. Think of what you are planning to say to the audience, try to memorize information through an index card for beginners and after a couple of presentations, you will be able to master it. 

It is always best to work with your thesis advisor to make sure your thesis is written properly and free of errors. Prepare an oral presentation a couple of weeks in advance. It is always best to meet with the capstone of the thesis advisor at least a couple of times throughout the semester before the proposal is due. They can provide students feedback regarding their writing. Always get a good night’s rest and take a break the day before so you will not feel stressed out and try to do something relaxing. It is always best to have energy when prepping for your thesis. The best part is to have fun and get to experience other students’ research.

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