Delicious Foods of Atlanta

By: Sophia Lamb

Atlanta is an amazing city with tons of fun activities and delicious eateries. With that being said, it might be difficult to know where to start! Here are a few of my favorite restaurants that your taste buds may enjoy.

Brunch Spots

Bread & Butterfly: This is a cute little European style café and bistro found in Inman Park. It is open throughout the day but is fairly well known for its brunch and has some of the best pancakes I’ve ever tasted. 

Sun in my Belly: A well-known brunch spot that sells unique treats such as lavender biscuits and giant macaroons. It’s a well-known spot and a definite must-try in the Atlanta area. 

Java Jive: You can find Java Jive on Ponce De Leon Ave NE only a few blocks from Ponce City Market. The restaurant offers a vintage feel with a small diner vibe and a 1950s aesthetic. Java Jive has amazing food with unique breakfast options. When you do go, just be aware that it is cash only. 

General Muir: An American restaurant inspired by a New York Jewish deli that is only a few minutes’ walk from Emory’s campus. This brunch, lunch, and dinner spot is well-known among Rollins’ students and would be worth a try. 

Dinner Spots

El Tesoro: El Tesoro is a taqueria that serves delicious food from various regions across Mexico. It offers amazing food with plenty of open-air seating and a friendly, social vibe. El Tesoro is fairly popular and can be found in the Edgewood neighborhood of Atlanta.

Top Spice Thai & Malaysian Cuisine: Top Spice is a cute Thai and Malaysian restaurant that can be found in the Toco Hills Plaza, only about 10 minutes from campus. They offer a variety of dishes and usually have quick service.

Desta Ethiopian Kitchen: Desta offers delicious Ethiopian food in generous quantities. Their menu is diverse and produces food for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. Desta currently has two locations open, which can be found along Briarcliff Road and in Westside Village.

Eight Sushi Lounge: This restaurant is a little more expensive but has some of the best sushi I have ever tasted. The food is unique, fresh, and beautifully served. It is on the West side of Atlanta, which is a little further from Emory, but worth the drive for a nice night out. 

The Consulate Atlanta: The Consulate is a unique restaurant that offers cuisine from around the world. Every three months, the restaurant selects a country and crafts all their meals for their VISA menu based solely off that country. Once the country has been around for three months, a new one is selected, and several dishes from the previous country are added to the resident section of the menu. This place is also a bit more expensive but very unique and unlike any place I had been before. 

Coffee Shops and Bakeries

Hell Yeah Gluten Free: For all of those who are gluten free, Hell Yeah Gluten Free is an amazing bakery that offers tasty pastries and savory food to satisfy your sugar cravings. Their food is not only inclusive, but delicious! This bakery can be found off DeKalb Ave NE close to the end of the Beltline near Krog Street Tunnel.

ChocoLate: ChocoLate is a popular coffee shop that offers a fun spin on coffee. They also sell yummy baked goods and sometimes have goods that are gluten free or free of other food sensitivities. There are two locations, but the one in Decatur on the corner of N Decatur Ave and Clairmont Ave is only a few minutes from the Rollins campus. 

Buena Gente: Buena Gente brings a Miami flair to Georgia with delicious Cuban baked goods and coffee. If you need something strong to wake you up on your way to campus, their Cuban coffee may just give you that kick. Buena Gente can be found only a few minutes from campus on Clairmont Ave.  

PERC: PERC is a tasty coffee shop that can be found in Virginia Highlands. It offers rich coffee from a variety of blends, along with a pleasant atmosphere. 

Now that you know a few sweet and savory restaurants, I hope this will be a great guide to help you start exploring Atlanta!

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