Attending Grad School in a Pandemic: How Rollins sets you up for success and how you can set yourself up for success

By: Maggie Pustinger – Behavioral, Social, & Health Education Sciences

So, you did it. You applied to and were accepted into grad school during a pandemic. First, congrats! In a normal year, this would be an achievement, but you did all that during a pandemic. Now to make the choice, or if you have already made the choice, to reassure yourself that this was the right choice for you. There are many things to consider, it is attending graduate school during the end (fingers crossed) of a pandemic. 

I was nervous to attend graduate school in general, let alone during a pandemic. But I can confidently say that Emory and Rollins made the transition as smooth as possible. From transitioning resources online to clear communications about expectations Rollins set you up for success. While a pandemic does add another level of stress and more requirements, I can say I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and effectiveness of the requirements and communication. 

But the changes made due to COVID don’t stop at the increased requirements. The programming that Rollins seamlessly transitioned online. There is an online counseling service, career services, the writing center, and all student organization meetings. Everything was moved online so that even in the midst of a pandemic we still have the best graduate student experience possible. 

I know in undergrad a lot of the activities I took advantage of, or organizations I got involved in were out of sheer luck. Either happening across a booth at a resource fair or something I heard by word of mouth. So, having all of the programming moved online made me a little nervous. I was worried about how to find things to get involved in. The Rollins class of 2022 Facebook page was the answer to all of my fears. I found flyers for meetings, applications for leadership positions, job postings and wellness tips all in one place. So definitely join the Facebook group if you haven’t already!

I had heard from many people that they chose Rollins because of the admitted student’s weekend so I was unsure of how to make such a big choice without what seemed to be an instrumental weekend. But even the virtual programming for the Admitted Students Weekend did not disappoint. I walked away from the information sessions excited about attending a school where every student felt they were learning new and practical skills every day. A school that they were proud to attend. And I can say that I feel the same way. Inside and outside the classroom Rollins sets you up for success. 

Top tips:

  1. Join the Rollins School of Public Health Facebook group 
  2. Always ask, if you are wondering about something there is always someone who is willing to help 
  3. Attend as much of the virtual programming as you can
  4. Connect with Rollins Ambassadors to get your personal questions about student life answered 
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