Customizing Your RSPH Experience

By: Dan Popkin – Epidemiology

If you’re considering Rollins to pursue your public health degree, you’re probably trying to juggle a number of different factors, such as cost of attendance, location, and more. Personally, the most important factor was attaining the experience I had envisioned for myself. When considering various public health programs, I found the most difficult aspect was trying to pick a school that was going to allow me to explore all of my public health interests. After some thought, it was clear that Rollins was a perfect place to do that!

One opportunity unique to Rollins is our certificate programs. Currently, there are 10 certificates that you can choose from, which allow for an in-depth education on numerous topics. To complete these certificates, you would take several courses related to the content area and complete a thesis that contributes to the respective realm of public health.

Additionally, there are active student organizations, which aid in connecting you with many distinguished faculty members and working professionals to explore areas of interest. There are 18 organizations currently for you to engage. If you don’t see an organization that speaks to you and your interests, there is always the ability to create another!

Furthermore, at Rollins, there is the ability to take countless electives to flesh out public health realms that are intriguing. In addition to the classes available through RSPH, you are able to enroll in courses across Emory, including Emory College and other graduate programs. 

Lastly, being located in the public health capital lends itself to a multitude of outside-the-classroom learning opportunities, through internships and jobs with some of the largest public health organizations across the country. Handshake is an excellent spot to search for public health-related opportunities. 

Rollins is a place where a culture of learning is deeply rooted. You have the opportunity to explore their interests, make meaningful connections, and prepare themselves for their future career. Here at Rollins, you truly are given the ability to customize their RSPH Experience!  

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