The Housing Market- Tips For Choosing the Right Place for You!

By Morgan Zabow – Environmental Health

You’ve decided on Rollins, and now, it’s time to make your next biggest decision- where are you going to live? Atlanta is a city filled with many different housing options and many different neighborhoods. You can live in downtown, you can live in more of a suburban area with more green space, or you can live near a urban green space! Whatever type of place suits you, odds are, Atlanta has it!

Where do students live?

Students at Rollins live all over- some live right across from the University, some live in North Druid Hills, while some live in Midtown! It very much depends on how much you are willing to pay, how close you want to be, and what part of Atlanta you want to live in. Most students live in apartment complexes, but many students rent houses. It all depends upon your living style! Many current students are in the Class of 2022 Facebook page, and can give you advice on certain housing locations or apartment complexes. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your fellow classmates!

 Things to think about when searching for housing:


Will you have a car for the school year and plan on driving to campus every day? Do you need to take a bus to class? Do you prefer to walk to campus? Transportation is a huge consideration for many students, and an important aspect to consider when selecting your housing this year. Many apartment complexes on their websites will tell you where the closest bus stop is to the complex- but make sure to check and see if these bus stops are Emory bus stops or Marta bus stops.


Prices in Atlanta vary a lot, and depending upon what time of year you sign with a complex, they may offer you deals! As a general rule of thumb, the closer you live to campus, the more you will pay. Additionally, some apartments and houses come furnished, which will increase the price. If you are moving from farther away and do not have furniture, this may be a consideration for you. Many apartment complexes that aim towards college students are fully furnished. Also, if you have a pet, make sure to look out for extra monthly fees for pet ownership or weight limits.

 House vs Apartment

Once again, depends on your lifestyle. If you are looking to live with four or more people and looking to pay lower rent, looking into a house may be the best fit for you. Many students get in constant with renters directly via webs searchers, or reach out to the current Facebook group to see if current students help get you in contact with renters! Houses are typically the move for people who have more than two roommates, since most apartments in Atlanta are maxed out at three bedrooms.

Furnished or Non-furnished?

If you are traveling from further away to come to Rollins, bringing furniture with you may be an added cost. If you are not looking to buy any new furniture, looking into furnished apartments may be the move for you! Many complexes are furnished, especially the closer you look to campus, but you will typically pay about $100 extra a month for the furniture. If you are looking to save money and already have some furniture (or looking to hit up a local IKEA or TJ Maxx!) looking into non-furnished may be a better (and cheaper) option.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started!:

 Looking to live close to campus?

Consider Emory Point Campus Crossings. Emory Point is one of the more expensive apartments, but if you are looking to live in walking distance to campus (and live right across from the CDC!) this place may be for you. Campus Crossings is another popular choice- they have a shuttle to take students to campus, have fully furnished options, and have roommate matching available. Many Rollins students live here, and it has more of a ‘large dorm’ feel to it. Both these complexes fill up fast!

Looking to live near a bus route?

Many students live at Post-Briarcliff, which has a bus stop just outside of the complex.

Clairmont Reserve and Highland Lakes are right across the street from the Emory Clairmont Campus, which has a large bus stop on the C Route. These complexes would be considered ‘medium price’.

Additionally: Roommates- Where to Find Them?

 Looking for a roommate (or a few roommates)? One of the best places to reach out to fellow RSPH students is the Class of 2022 Facebook page. It may seem awkward at first to send that initial Facebook post about yourself, but remember, everyone is in the same boat as you! Make sure to post what you are looking for in an apartment or a house, but also make sure to talk about yourself, such as where you are from, and your interests (both inside and outside of public health!). Most of the time, people will respond back to you based on common interests that you post about! Make sure to be upfront with these potential roommates about your living styles and what you are looking for in a place to live. If you are looking for roommates outside of Rollins, reach out to the other graduate school’s Facebook pages, or talk to apartment complexes about roommate matching.




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