Discovering Downtown Decatur

By: Kate SchwenkGlobal Health

Discovering Downtown Decatur

Located just a few miles from Emory’s campus, Downtown Decatur is one of Atlanta’s best neighborhoods for food and fun. The square is home to restaurants, festivals and stores, there’s something for everyone!

Victory Sandwich Bar

Known for its sandwiches and its alcoholic sodas, Victory is the place to be for a late-night bite. Don’t miss a game of ping pong or one of their famous Jack and Coke slushies.

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SOS Tiki

Around the corner from Victory is a little slice of tropical paradise. Deep booths are the perfect place to try a flaming cocktail or one of their Christmas concoctions if you venture out during the holiday season.

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Homegrown is the store to find all of your local Atlanta art. Every time you visit there is something new and weird to be found.

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Square pub

A multi-level bar known for its laid back atmosphere, perfectly made tater-tots and daily specials.

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The Decatur branch of Atlanta’s favorite ice cream never disappoints and lures you in from down the block with their freshly made waffle cones. Plus, free samples!

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Eddie’s Attic

Hidden around the corner from the square, Eddie’s Attic is the place to be for live music. Local and big name artists alike come to play here.

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Leon’s Full Service

Known for its seasonal cocktail menu, Leon’s offers indoor and outdoor space to enjoy your evening year round.

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Folk Art

Brunch, brunch, and more brunch! Folk Art serves up huge plates of everything from sweet potato waffles to Rubens and deep-fried grits.

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Brick Store Pub

For fans of beer, Brick Store is the place to be with over 120 bottled Belgian and Belgian-style beers and ever rotating draughts.

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Iberian Pig

All you need to know about Iberian Pig can be summed up by tapas, wine and all around deliciousness.

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