5 Ways to Destress from Grad School

By: Ava CorwinBehavioral Sciences & Health Education

Grad school can be really stressful sometimes, and there are times when you just need to drop everything and take time for yourself before you explode. As a second year student the impending stress of job hunting and figuring out life beyond Rollins is something that’s always on my mind, but as a first year I remember what it was like to going into each semester’s finals season.

Self-care is something that I try to practice religiously. I have to remind myself that I need to take time for myself to recover physically and emotionally in order to do my best in school. If you’re someone in need of self-care tips, here are my top 5 recommendations for ways to practice self-care and destress.

  1. Take a loooonnnggg walk

One of my favorite things to do when I’m stressed is to take a long walk. It’s great to be outside and moving around when I spend so much of my time nowadays sitting and hunched over my computer. Even though temperatures are getting colder, one of the benefits of the south are the mild winters, which makes getting outside much easier. The next time you’re feeling crazy stressed, take 30 minutes and go for a walk. There are lots of great parks around the city, and if you have to be at school pop over to Lullwater Park for some time in the fresh air.

  1. Meditate or do a mindfulness exercise

Centering myself and finding peace in the moment is really useful for those days when I just seem to go, go, go without stopping. Balancing a job, social life, and school means that I’m usually thinking about a million different things, and mindfulness helps me to focus on being present and refocus my mind. There are plenty of apps or quick YouTube videos that can help you find some time to just be still for a moment.

3. Go to the Atlanta Humane Society (or any other animal shelter)

If you ask anyone who knows me they’ll tell you that I’m obsessed with my cats and dogs back home. Unfortunately, they live with my parents so I don’t get to see them very often. Going to the Humane Society or any animal shelter is a great way to lift my spirits and provide me with much need stress relief.

  1. Unplug

Sometimes I need to unplug and step away from my phone and my computer for a hour. Hourly notifications and emails can be pretty overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to balance all of your obligations and each notification feels like a constant reminder of everything you have to do. Take time to step away from technology and let yourself breathe. 

  1. Dance it out

A good ole’ dance party never hurt anyone. Even though you might feel silly at first, having a quick dance session really can do a lot to make you feel relaxed and reenergized.

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