Grad School and Beyond! The RSPH Office of Career Development

by: Joya Faruque Behavioral Sciences and Health Education

Hi! I’m Joya, and I’m a 2nd-year BSHE student here at Rollins.  Thinking back to when I was navigating the graduate school decision making process, Iremember being stressed and overwhelmed.  I was sure graduate school would prepare me with the knowledge needed for a career in public health, but I wanted more. I knew I wanted to grow not only during the next two years of my life in graduate school, but also after graduation in the professional realm! When I learned about the RSPH Office of Career Development, I knew Rollins was for me!

As a Rollins student with no prior background in public health, I knew that my short 2 years at Rollins would prepare me for the academic knowledge and skills to flourish in the field of public health.  However, I also knew that I needed additional help crafting my resume, cover letters, and interview skills so I could be employed after graduation. Not just employed at any job. I wanted to be competitive in the job-searching pool of candidates.  The Office of Career Development’s amazing programming and support has truly increased my self-esteem and self-efficacy regarding looking for employment!


Here’s 10 things you need to know about the RSPH Office of Career Development!

  1.  They offer career services FOR LIFE!  
    1. Both current students and alumni benefit from professional development support!  
  2. Current Students can apply to be a Career Development Ambassador and work closely with members of the Office of Career Development to assist in programming and events!
    1. Ambassadors sharpen their professional development skills while also contributing to the RSPH community and providing peer-to-peer support!
  3. They host a Career Fair every semester! For FREE!  
    1. The Office of Career Development brings employers to you on campus!  Practice your networking and elevator pitch skills face to face!
  4. They prepare you for job fairs!
    1. Just a few weeks into the semester, I had already  Students can attend workshops and practice their job fair skills before the fair! The Office of Career Development hosts workshops that help students write resumes, develop cover letters, perfect their elevator pitches, network with confidence, interview skillfully, and negotiate salaries!
  5. They offer online services students can access at home! 
    1. VMock for resume reviews,
    2. They can meet you in person! 
    3. They publish annual reports so you can stay informed!
    4. They are dedicated to students from all backgrounds!
    5. They work directly with employers to learn what they are looking for and connect them with job-seeking students!  Employers
    6. They are dedicated and they care!  Here it is in their own words! – The Office of Career Development is centered solely on supporting, training and guiding students for entering public health practice. Career Development offers both events and services to help students prepare for professional careers in public health. The Office provides personalized attention and assistance during the career process, including identifying career goals and skills through individual coaching sessions, interviewing, and networking techniques.
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