Exploring the Emory Campus Beyond Rollins

By: Aisha Mahmood – Health Policy & Management

When you join the Rollins community, you’ll also be joining the wider Emory community! That means that there are a lot of campus resources available to you to enhance your graduate experience. Whether its free museums or taking a class at one of the other graduate divisions, make sure to take advantage of some of these cool things during your time at Rollins!

Carlos Museum

unnamed (2)Located right on the quad, the Carlos Museum is FREE for Emory students (just show your ID at the door). It is one of the premier museums in the Southeast and holds one of the most comprehensive collections in the region with artwork from ancient Egypt, Nubia, and the Near East; Greece and Rome; the Americas; Africa; and Asia. They also have various traveling exhibits and hold guest lectures in their exhibition halls. For those who are looking for a place to study, Ebrik coffee house is also located within the Carlos. For more information on the Carlos, here’s a link to their site.

PS: The Carlos is also the host of Emory Tibet Week, a weeklong celebration of Emory’s partnership with Tibet. Throughout the week, the monks work on a sand mandala and host several events open to the public to engage the community. Details on this year’s Tibet Week here.

Cox Hall Tech Lab

image1I’m obsessed with stickers. In fact, my laptop is covered with them. However, if you’re OCD and want to coordinate your stickers like me, it can be expensive. That’s where the Tech Lab comes in. Emory offers students access to 3D printers, laser carving machine, button makers, VR headsets, and anything else your heart could desire. For me, that means printing out my own stickers! The staff is super friendly and it’s a cool place to hang out and study as well, so I recommend checking it out!!

PS: Cox also has various gaming systems that you can use, and students love to host tournaments and game nights using the space, so look out for those events!

Divisional Classes

unnamed (3)Emory has 7 other graduate divisions in addition to Rollins, with ~5000 graduate students total. While there are several students at Rollins pursuing dual-degrees, sometimes you just want to take a class for fun. As a full-time student at Rollins, you can take classes at any of the other schools if you want to, in addition to your Rollins courses. It won’t cost any more (we have flat rate full-time tuition). Want to learn more about negotiations but didn’t want to do an MBA? Take a class at the business school! Interested in learning more about the physical and medical side of the illnesses we study? Take a class in the nursing school! Expand your horizons and meet students from the other divisions! If this is something you’re interested in, I would encourage you to talk to your department ADAPs and work through how these classes would fit in your schedule.

PS: If you’re feeling nostalgic for your undergrad days or one of their classes catch your eye, we can also take classes in Emory College, so there’s another option!

Emory Shuttles

unnamed (7)Someone once told me that I could use the shuttle system to get around all of Atlanta without a car. While that may be a slight exaggeration, it’s very true that Emory shuttles try to cover as much of ATL as possible. Permanent routes take you from campus to Midtown, Walmart, North DeKalb Mall, Lenox Mall, as well as various housing complexes and other popular spots. Every Saturday, an Experience shuttle will take students to a well-known place to expose them to the variety of neighborhoods in Atlanta. Past Experience shuttles have included: The Beltline Lantern Parade, Music Midtown, Krog Street Market, Ponce City Market, Buford Highway, etc. So, for those without a car, I encourage you to hop on a shuttle!! More information about shuttle routes can be found here.

PS: Many Emory shuttles run on a B5 biofuel blend made from campus and hospital used cooking oils to meet one of many Emory sustainability initiatives. For more information: https://sustainability.emory.edu/


I encourage you all to explore across the bridge once you get to Rollins! Emory has a lot to offer, and I hope you feel like you’re a part of both the Rollins and Emory community during your time here.

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