5 reasons to Attend Music Midtown

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By: Mike MortilloEpidemiology

September can be a rather dull time in many parts of the country – schools are back in session, the weather begins to cool down, and the fun and excitement of the wonderful summer months begins to fade into a distant memory. But in Atlanta, September marks the countdown of one of the wildest music festivals in the country: Music Midtown. A 2-day event in Piedmont Park, Music Midtown hosts some of the hottest and most popular bands and solo artists currently touring today. It’s a time where kids, parents, and anyone in between can briefly forget about the stress and responsibilities of work or school, and simply enjoy some great music. As an attendee at the 2018 festival, I can sufficiently say it is definitely one of the most exciting excursions one can participate in. In this blog, I detail the 5 best reasons why you should definitely consider attending the next Music Midtown:

1. The Lineups

As mentioned earlier, Music Midtown attracts some of the most well-known talents in the music industry, and the 2018 lineup did not disappoint. Kendrick Lamar, Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, and Post Malone were among the list of performers this year, and each one was better than the next. Fall Out Boy even played their earlier stuff from the mid-200s (cued a lot of middle school dance memories). Last year’s lineup was also stellar, with Blink-182, Bruno Mars, Mumford and Sons, and the Naked and Famous headlining the festival. If you’re looking to enjoy fun music to keep you relaxed and in high-spirits, then the lineup will not disappoint.

2. The Scenery

Set in Piedmont Park, Music Midtown has become notorious for watching your favorite bands play their greatest hits with the beautiful Atlanta skyline providing a stunning backdrop. Bank of America plaza and other major Atlanta skyscrapers are situated only a few blocks away, and reveling in the beautiful scenery is yet another reason why Music Midtown is an event not to miss.

3. The Food

Much like any other traditional outdoor music festival, Music Midtown caters hundreds of food trucks to make their way into Piedmont Park to feed an estimated 250,000 attendees over the 2-day period. This year, Fox Bros. BBQ, Moes, and Chick-fil-a were among the list of eateries providing their delicious food. So if have some time to kill in between performances, head over to your nearest food truck and chow down on some of Atlanta’s finest food from its most well-known restaurants.

4. The Ferris Wheel

Every year, Music Midtown has a giant Ferris Wheel that guests who want to take a break from listening to music can go and relax while catching glimpses of the beautiful Atlanta skyline. It’s relatively inexpensive to ride (I think it’s only $5/person) and it allows you to catch great glimpses of the festival from up above, and provides for a relaxing atmosphere, particularly after a long day of listening to music. I rode on it at this past year’s festival, and honestly at night the city and festival down below look breathtaking. Truly the perfect snap story or Instagram post.

5. The Atmosphere

Music Midtown encompasses everything the city of Atlanta has come to be defined by. Great music, food, and culture. And with Atlanta natives such as Khalid performing at last year’s festival, it truly feels like you’re home. The performers are amazing (Janelle Monae’s performance was not only phenomenal, but also politically relevant), the crowd is inspired and hyped, and the festival itself serves as a brief period where people from different backgrounds can come together and bond over their shared love of music. What I like even more about Music Midtown is how it doesn’t just cater to one specific type of music – they acquire artists from all different genres to perform. Rappers, country singers, hip hop artists, and rock bands all come out to share their appreciation for the music that has inspired them to get into this business. Guests can also be lucky enough to hear new, never before heard songs from an artist’s upcoming album, as a gift to attendees for watching their show. I promise you, if you love great music like me, and love the city of Atlanta (also like me), then Music Midtown is not something to be missed. You will be amazed.


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