Extracurricular Involvement at Rollins

By: Alanna Sanz – 2nd Year – Behavioral Sciences & Health Education

Rollins has endless opportunities for volunteer and extracurricular involvement that explore various public health topics and interests. This post will give you insight into some organizations I have been a part of during my time at Rollins, as well as some I have not had the chance to join, all of which will hopefully spark your interest in becoming involved too!

Emory’s Pipeline Program

Emory’s Pipeline Program is an educational program that connects South Atlanta School of Health and Medical Sciences students with Emory undergraduate and graduate students to improve knowledge and expose young minds to health-related concepts using hands-on exposure. This is an awesome experience if you are into education and feel you could share your passion for science with high school students. Graduate student opportunities include curriculum coordinating and teaching science topics to students one day a week after school.

Vaccine Dinner Club

If you have an interest in vaccination, the Vaccine Dinner Club may very well be for you! The club facilities networking and collaboration around the need for vaccines and their development, their history, policy issues, and vaccine communication. Meetings occur once a month and consist of a speaker presenting a discussion around vaccines, dinner, and networking.

Teaching Assistant

If you have taken a class at Rollins that you have really enjoyed and excelled in, being a teaching assistant could be something to consider. TAs work with professors to facilitate class management responsibilities. Some of these can include communicating with students on a regular basis, uploading and managing class materials on CANVAS, holding office hours, and providing assistance during class hours. Some TA positions are paid which makes it a great way to make some extra money while making a difference and gaining classroom experience. Additionally, some undergraduate professors are also looking for teaching assistants which is how I got my position.

Departmental Mentor Program

Within each of our departments, we have the opportunity to participate in a mentorship program which pairs first and second years together to facilitate connections and allow a second year to mentor an incoming student. This program serves as a unique and meaningful way to connect with your peers and offer your insight into being a Rollins student, especially with regard to your specific department.

Student Ambassador

I could not list great Rollins organizations without including my favorite one, being a student ambassador! Ambassadors take on many roles as the faces of Rollins. We give tours, assist in orientations and public health fairs, and also serve somewhat like mentors for prospective and incoming students. I love sharing my passion for Rollins and public health with others through this rewarding program.


In addition to organizations I have become a part of, there are more that I have not been able to join but feel are worth looking into as they may be of interest to you! Emory Global Health Case Competition, Student Outbreak Response Team, Rollins Association for Cancer Prevention and Control, and The Emory Wheel are all organizations that make Emory unique and can make your experience as an Emory student even better. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or just want to chat about life at Rollins!

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