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By: Mariam Tounkara – 2nd Year – Behavioral Sciences & Health Education


Everything Is Due… Now?

It’s the end of the 6th week of classes and midterm exams and deadlines are fast approaching. [Insert stressed and slightly surprised emoji]. Unfortunately, you did not get rid of your procrastination tendencies during your undergraduate year. You’ve got 2 exams and research papers to write by the end of the next week, and let’s not forget that report you have to submit to your supervisor by Sunday. At this point you may find yourself very stressed, overwhelmed and want to panic. DON’T! Trust me, I get it! It’s hard to focus on studying for your exams and meeting deadlines when others are out enjoying their weekend. Not to mention, getting over your nerves enough to get things done can seem impossible. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of tips to help you conquer your exam week stress.

Tip #1: End The Paralysis

It’s so easy to find yourself in the destructive mental cycle of stress when you have numerous deadlines looming over your head. Stressing over all the things you have to get done is not only be paralyzing but also wastes a lot of valuable time that you could’ve used being productive. One of the best ways to snap out of it is to take long deep breathes and tell yourself “I can do it!” I know it sounds cliché, but positive self-affirmations can be very effective and empowering.

Tip #2: Get Organized

You’re in a graduate program so there isn’t much hand-holding going on. With a lot being thrown at you might not know where to start off. If you have a planner, now will be a good time to put that to use. Allot about 2 hours to each of the tasks you have to complete instead of staying on one thing for too long to avoid a burnout or boredom. If you need a break, take a little walk around wherever you’re studying (i.e. Room, the library, GRACEment, outside etc.)

Tip #3: Stay Off Your Phone

Let’s face it we “occasionally” or “excessively” enjoy scrolling through our Instagram, Twitter, and snapchat feeds which eats up a lot of the limited time we have. In an article published by the New York Post new research shows the average American adult is statistically prone to check their phone once every 12 minutes. This wasted times takes away from your productive time. If you are someone who lacks self-control like me, sign out or delete your social media apps to prevent you from experiencing #FOMO while studying.

 Tip #4: Exercise and/or Meditate,

Research shows that physical exercise can increase your cognitive control and enhance your performance. Even if you do not exercise often getting as little as 30 minutes of exercise will elevate your dopamine levels, thus helping you stay calm, level-headed and productive. On the flipside, you can take a walk to the prayer/meditation room right next to CNR 1000 to help settle your mind.

Tip #5: If you have procrastinated by reading this, STOP IT! You and I both know you have work to do.


Hope these tips help you!

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