Unique Ways to Stay Fit

By: Alexandra Wickson – 1st year – Global Health

If you’re looking to stay in shape while attending classes at Emory, there are a ton of options. We have a great gym with group fitness classes like yoga, Zumba, and spin. There are also plenty of biking and running trails in Lullwater Park and around the Emory area. However, I tend to enjoy workouts that are a little more unique and interesting than your typical spin class. Luckily, the Atlanta area has lots of opportunities for people like us too! Here are some of my favorites:

Rock climbing 

This is one of my all-time favorites. If you’ve never been rock climbing, but want a really good workout for your entire body, then look no further. Atlanta has a ton of rock climbing gyms including: Stone Summit Atlanta, Stone Summit Midtown, Atlanta Rocks, and Adrenaline Climbing. Most gyms have student nights or bouldering only (climbing short distances without a rope) options if you want to save money. They often offer student membership discounts as well if you love it!

Check out Stone Summit’s website here: http://www.ssclimbing.com/



Aerial Silks

Like rock climbing, this workout will leave every muscle you have sore. In the intro to sky dance class, you’ll get to try aerial silks, trapeze, and the lyra (a hoop suspended in the air). If you decide you love it, they offer specialized classes for all these disciplines and are often on Groupon. I took the Intro class at Sky Gym in Sandy Springs and loved it!

Check out Sky Gym here: http://www.aerialsilksatlanta.com/

And Inspire Aerial Arts which is a little closer to Emory: https://www.inspireaerialarts.com/


Krav Maga

I used to do Krav Maga in college but haven’t actually tried an Atlanta gym yet. However, it’s a fantastic cardio workout and you learn practical self-defense! I’ve heard great things about Fit to Fight Atlanta and the first class is ~FREE~!

Sign up for your free try class here: http://www.fittofightatlanta.com/


Acro Yoga

Incorporating elements of yoga and of acrobatics, acro yoga has a base who is in contact with the ground, and a flyer who is elevated off the ground by the base. Acro yoga is a great workout especially for building core and arm strength and for flexibility. Atlanta Acro Yoga offers classes and “jams” where a group of people come together to practice informally and learn new things. Also, when the weather is nice, there are free acro jams on Tuesday nights at Old Fourth Ward park on the Beltline (check Facebook for event details).

Check out classes and jams at Atlanta Acro Yoga here: http://www.atlantaacro.com/



Vibe Ride

If you’re a little hesitant about some of these crazier options, Vibe Ride is more like your traditional spin class but adds loud music, lights, and enthusiastic instructors. Usually the rides are themed like “Beyonce vs. Jay Z” or “Backstreet Boys vs. NSYNC”.  You can try a class for $10 and if you like it, they usually have deals on Groupon.

See their theme schedule here: http://theviberide.com/


Hopefully this gives you guys some ideas for new workouts that are also a lot of fun! If you ever see me on campus, let me know what your favorite activity is!

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