Where you can go with Cliff Shuttle!


By: Merete Tschokert – 2nd year – Behavioral Science & Health Education

Not having a car in Atlanta is exhaustive and Marta can add up. Cliff Shuttles are free and can take you to a few places.

This list is not an exhaustive list. I should give you a little bit of orientation. I advise you to look at the cliff shuttle site (https://emory.transloc.com) to see where the spots are and then to look at google maps to see what kind of shops in the area are. Be advised that buses can depart earlier and later and that traffic in Atlanta can be terrible. Avoid rush hour. To see where your bus is at, use the app. But also, the app can be a little off from time to time.

Additionally, if you are new to Atlanta, ask 2nd years where to find the best places. If you have a bike, you can transport your bike on the front of the bus. There is place for two bikes.


CCTMA brings you to the Marta subway system and to downtown Decatur. You find there a bunch of local businesses: book store, hair dresser, boutiques, ice cream shops, restaurants, coffee places, pubs, public library and so on. CCTMA also stops at the North Decatur Plaza. There is among others a Publix, McDonalds, book shop, smoothie place, ChocoLate, restaurants, FedEx, Subway and organic shop.

And the best thing: CCTMA stops right in front of Rollins. The downside is that the last bus leaves 7:10pm from Decatur.

North DeKalb

North DeKalb brings you to the North DeKalb shopping mall. There you can find an AMC theatre and Marshalls. If you watch a movie before 4pm, the ticket is only $4! It also stops at Walmart (there is also a Starbucks, hair dresser and other stores) and North Decatur Plaza.

The North DeKalb shuttle starts at Woodruff Circle and is often affected by traffic jams.

Emory Publix (evenings during the week)

Emory Publix operates on weekday evenings until 10pm and will bring you to Publix at North Decatur Plaza. It stops at Woodruff Circle and Clairmont campus.

C-Toco Hills and Lenox Square Mall (weekends)

On the weekends, the C-Toco Hills shuttle is operating and taking people to the Toco Hills Shopping Center. Furthermore, a shuttle on Saturday is going to Lenox Square Mall. If you want to go shopping, these are your buses!


To be safe after dark and after the shuttles stopped operating you can call a SafeRide. Depending on availability and distance it can be a shuttle, a cart or a person. It will bring you anywhere on campus between 9pm and 5am. You can order one through the TransLoc app, calling 404.727.7555 or aksing a Parking Ambassador or Shuttle Driver.

Experience Shuttles

Check out the College Council’s experience shuttles! They will take you on Saturdays to different spots in the city and to big events like Music Midtown or the Atlanta Pride!

For information of all Cliff shuttles go to: http://transportation.emory.edu/shuttles/

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