This Brunch Game is on fire…

By: Lauren Taylor, 2nd year Health Policy and Management


Jerk Chicken and Waffles anyone? Believe me, this dish was as delectable as your taste

Try this! You will thank me later

buds are trying to imagine. Since I was just recently introduced to the amazingness that is Negril Village by another Rollins Ambassador, I felt compelled to share my excitement with my virtual friends, i.e. yall! *excuse my country twang, I think being in Atlanta for a year has affected speech…well in this case my typing, anywho back to the real story at hand*.

Nestled within the heart of the bustling Midtown area of Atlanta, Georgia, this Caribbean restaurant brings “Fire” to the Firehouse, as they say. As such, this restaurant actually inhabits a historic 1907 fire station on North Avenue, how ironic?! As stated by the co-owner Sim Walker, who is a Kingston native, “The choice of a historic firehouse is no accident. With the heat we invariably generate, not just because of our natural tropical flair, but also in the vibrant fusion of spices of the dishes that emerge from our kitchen. We knew that only a firehouse could contain these explosive flavors”.

The great interior of Negril

However, do not let the fancy interior of this place fool you. Most menu items range from $14-22 (a cheaper meal option other than the chicken and waffles is the oxtail hash), so they are somewhat reasonable in price. If you are seriously living the graduate school life, save up your coins and go on a weekend when you want to treat yourself. Post midterms maybe? You know that you will deserve it!

I recently went back-to-back weekends; one was actually my birthday, so I think I getfranzz a pass to live just a little bit. OH, and let us not forget the bottomless mimosas for brunch! Negril has two mimosas to choose from, a classic OJ style and a more tropical/mixed fruit one (I have not quite determined which fruit it is yet lol), but both are solid options. They advertise the bottomless mimosa deal from 11:00am-3:30pm, BUTTTT if you have an amazing server, the libations will keep flowing until the DJ cranks out the final tune at exactly 4:59pm. Yes, I typed that correctly, a DJ at brunch. Negril gives you a brunch boogie playing taking a step back into hip-hop jams of the 90s and popular radio tracks of today. Never be embarrassed when you jump up to dance mid-bit because you will not be the only!! I have been the person hitting a quick two-step or two with a forkful of delicious waffle and glass full of tropical mimosa. So yea, flourish at the firehouse and visit Negril Village!

Add this to the #bucketlist
Disclaimer: Although I wish I was, I was not paid to deliver this promotional message on Negril’s behalf, so know that my words are honest and this is a place you should definitely try during your time at Rollins!


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