Being a Good Tourist: “Seeing” the city and exploring all it has to offer.

By: Orane Douglas, 1st year Health Policy & Management

I grew up in Atlanta, but had no idea about how many amazing things there were to do here until I returned here after college. I’ve listed some of my favorite things to do with friends or visitors new to the city. Definitely check out all of these views of the city-they each offer a different perspective of Atlanta that you’ll want to experience over and over again:

  1. Sundial: The Sundial is the arguably the best overall view of the city. Located at the top of the Westin downtown, this is one of my favorite spots to take anyone new to the city. Because the building is so high up and cylindrical, you can see every part of the city from multiple angles and it is the ONLY place in Atlanta where you can appreciate the red lights in traffic.
TIP: Parking is available on the streets by the Atlanta Fulton Public Library and is free after 7pm on weekdays and weekends. If you’re not lucky enough to find something there is, $5 parking close by


  1. Sky Lounge: Sky Lounge is the best rooftop view of the city. They have live music on the weekends sometimes and it is a chill place to go with friends. It is free most times, but the hotel sometimes charges up to $10 for entrance on weekends.
TIP: Valet parking is $10 at the Glenn Hotel, but parking across the street is $3.


  1. Rollins: The view from the 8th floor of CNR is the best skyline view of Atlanta. You can see the view of Downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead all in one location. This is an amazing study location when it’s warmer and not being used for an event.
TIP: The View of the city from here during a sunset is UNPARALLELED and makes for an amazing Snapchat video.


  1. Stone Mountain: Emory is not far from Stone Mountain, the most popular thing to do on the east side of town, as any Saturday morning climb will show. The climb from the base to the very top is only 1 mile, but it is all incline-probably the longest it will ever take you to walk a mile. The view at the top is extremely rewarding and well worth the climb.
TIP: There is free parking available in the Stone Mountain Police Station or the parking lot in Stone Mountain Villages. There is a trail leading to the mountain and the walk from the parking lot to the mountain is less than 5 minutes. 


  1. Shoot the Hooch: Though you can’ see the skylines, you can enjoy nature and get away from the city atmosphere. One of the most popular things to do in North Atlanta is to go tubing on the Chattahoochee. This is most enjoyable with a group of friends and there is also an opportunity to canoe, paddleboard or kayak.
TIP: Know the weather when you go and check the schedules of nearby dams so you know the flow of the current. Or you can just call the place that organizes the trip – they always know. 




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