By: Misha Sharp, 2nd year EPI

  1. The Rollins Café – Go for the turkey chili in the soups section. EVERY TIME. EVERY DAY! It’s got vegetables (so it’s basically a salad), protein, and is about $3 for a large cup. Easily the cheapest and most satisfying meal in the café with a delicious odor that gives everyone else lunch time envy while you’re putting that good stuff down faster than the beers at Convos on Tap. If you do happen to arrive while breakfast is still being served, the oatmeal (located in the same place as the turkey chili, conveniently) is also a filling $3 meal option.rolins
  2. The Gracement – AKA the Grace Crum Rollins Basement with all of the computers. As I write this blog-post from this lovely dark rabbit hole on a Saturday morning at 10 AM before the week of midterms, I can safely say that this is the quietest and emptiest time to hit up the Gracement. If you do get overwhelmed by the sound of procrastinating public health students, the Woodruff Health Sciences Library just down the way is also a quiet(er) alternative with computers. Also FYI (as I didn’t realize until a year into attending Rollins) – there are lockers, showers and refrigerators in GCR for you to store your lunch, gym clothes, hygiene materials etc. This way you can stay at Rollins for a solid 24-hours straight and never leave! Or if your water goes out at home for four days in a row (this happened to me), you have a shower and a friend to turn to at RSPH. Don’t forget the shower shoes though.grace.jpg
  3. BUT I NEED COFFEE LIKE YESTERDAY – Rollins has a “Starbucks” coffee bar, but let’s be honest, you can save a lot of money bringing your own. In-school alternatives include a hot water tap in the GCR basement kitchen, plus Keurigs (BYO-K CUP) or drip coffee machines on most department floors throughout the GCR and CNR buildings.
  4. More Food Things — Earth Fare, a grocery store located within Emory Point down the street from Emory, runs flash sales, so sign up for their text message notifications. Think buy one get one free deals only good for a couple of hours, or great deals on normally pricey organic food. Also $5 sushi on Wednesdays. Enough said.EARTHFARE
  5. Exercise – We’re all in public health to encourage those public healthy behaviors (at least I hope), so what better time to start an exercise routine if you don’t have one already? The Emory gym offers a cornucopia of workout options like an indoor track, rock wall, swimming pool, treadmills, elliptical machines, weights, rowing machines, and the list goes on. There is also a workout class pass ($25 for a semester) with access to cycling, weight training, yoga, Zumba and more. Other options include IM sports teams in soccer, volleyball, softball, basketball, kickball, etc. Watch out for sports team sign ups on the RSPH Facebook page as there is always folks doing something and they always need more public healthy teammates. Lastly, Lullwater Park is right across Clifton and is a great resource for outdoor running or walking. Take a break to get those steps in and soak in some nature, you won’t regret it.wpec

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