Environmental Health

Environmental Health

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Aaron Blakney

My name is Aaron Blakney and I am a second-year MPH candidate in Environmental Health, with a focus in Environmental Epidemiology and Exposure Science. I was born on the shores of Lake Erie in Erie, Pennsylvania, and attended Penn State in State College where I received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Resource Management. Before coming to Rollins, I worked at nonprofit agencies, conservation districts, and the Centers for Disease Control. My primary academic interest is the interaction between environmental contaminants and human disease, as well as how environmental factors influence chronic disease patterns, like cardiovascular disease and cancer. At Emory, I’m involved with the Student Organization and Response Team, Graduate Student Government Association, and Rollins Environmental Health Action Committee. I work within the Division of Birth Defects at the Centers for Disease Control through Emory’s REAL program during the school year. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking the North Georgia mountains, training for my next race, or trying a new restaurant in one of Atlanta’s many neighborhoods.


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Alexis Calvert

Hey ya’ll! I am Alexis Calvert and I am a second-year Environmental Health Student. I was born in Northern California but I have lived in Atlanta for most of my life. I graduated from Georgia Tech last May with a BS in Biology and a health, medicine, and society minor. My undergraduate research was in Memory and Aging in the prefrontal cortex of older adults and I was able to work with an fMRI which was awesome. I also worked at AMAC accessibility where I produced accessible textbooks for college students and learned a lot about accessible technology. Coming to Emory was a very easy choice. I already knew and loved Atlanta and from the first time I visited Rollins I loved the professors and academic environment. I knew that I wanted to work with human health and the environment but I wasn’t sure what in field specifically. The environment at Emory was the perfect place to take as many classes as I could and explore all of my interests. I am currently working a REAL position at PRISM Health as a graduate research assistant which has been amazing. I also was just accepted into the Injury and violence prevention certificate which is the area of public health that I am now most interested in. When I am not studying, I love exploring the city, going to concerts, and taking weekend trips around the southeast. Other than that I can usually be found in one of the many coffee shops around Atlanta.


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Sophia Le

Hi everyone! My name is Sophia, and I am a second-year MSPH candidate in Environmental Health and Epidemiology. I was born in Santa Ana, California but raised in Gilbert, Arizona for most of my life. I graduated from Arizona State University with my Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. I discovered my interest in Public Health when I went abroad on a summer medical internship through ASU to Nicaragua. I mostly spent my time learning how to diagnose and treat patients, but for a week, I learned about public health by performing home visits in rural communities. I developed an interest in environmental risks and its role in human health, especially in regards to air pollution and exposure science. Here at Rollins, I have a REAL position with the Department of Environmental Health where I analyze satellite predictions of PM2.5 concentrations in urban settings. When I’m not on campus, I’m usually on a trail with my dog. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about Rollins or Atlanta!


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Amanda Liew

Hi! I’m Amanda Liew, a second-year Global Environmental Health student, with a concentration in infectious disease ecology. I’m a native ATL-ien, born and raised in the suburbs about 40 minutes northeast of Atlanta! I majored in Biology at Georgia Tech and graduated in May 2018. I’ve had some experiences working in several different labs, including a reptilian cognition lab at Zoo Atlanta and a biomedical engineering lab at Emory that works with pediatric traumatic brain injury and cerebral blood flow monitoring. My interests in public health are all over the place, but I’m especially partial to zoonotic infectious diseases and neglected tropical diseases. I chose to come to Rollins because of its strong partnership with the CDC, and I’m so glad I did! If there’s anything I’ve learned in my time here, it’s that a 2-year degree is not enough time, especially if you love research. There are so many faculty members doing awesome things, and I wish I had all of the time in the world to check it all out. With that said, I’m grateful for the opportunity to be here at Emory, and I hope you join our awesome community here! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.