Rock n’ Rollins – We Sneezed on the Beat but the Beat Stayed Relatively Healthy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

By: Catherine Koola, 2nd year Epi

 It’s true. Rollins has its very own “band”!


Group Photo/ Please note the Rollins- representative male to female ratio.

We call ourselves Rock n’ Rollins but don’t be fooled – rock n’ roll music is not our forte. Instead, we rewrite popular song lyrics to promote positive health messages and take great pride in the musically-impassioned public health dorks we’ve grown to be. Once we’ve solidified our song and message, we arrange vocal parts, tack on some instrumental accompaniment (e.g. ukulele, harmonica) and get dolled up for our music video filming.

Don’t believe me? Just watch:

If you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel! We have several more parodies coming your way ranging from the importance of good nutrition, washing your hands, and living green to getting tested for STI’s.  These Rock n’ Rollins originals, in my opinion, give songs by artists such as Sam Smith, One Direction, Justin Bieber, and the Beatles, an unanticipated push toward public health glory.

 Tbh still waiting on Ellen to discover us and invite us to her show…

Meanwhile, let me just take a moment to spit some truth about the talented and ridiculously motivated culture of the Rollins student body. What started out as me casually trolling the Rollins Facebook page (screenshot pictured below) is now a reality!


Still looking for a cowbell player.


And why? Because people here are so receptive to new ideas and genuinely enthusiastic about taking part in things they care deeply about. These are the same people who are buried in coursework, working impressive part-time jobs, volunteering for great causes, and leading student organizations. As if their schedules weren’t saturated as it were, these same people make time for Rock n’ Rollins. It’s the most beautiful thing. Where else will you find grad students carving out time for late night practices and weekend gigs? And where else will you find a community that actually wants a public health parody band to perform at its receptions, galas, and jazz concerts? The whole thing is absolutely bizarre and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


From our performance at the Rollins 40th Anniversary Gala. Fan-girling so hard because Randall Rollins (son of O. Wayne and Grace Crum Rollins) is holing my uke!

Sure, we create music. But I’d like to think we are also creating change. Just a couple of kids trying to make the world a healthier place, one song at a time. And it doesn’t hurt that these same kids have become some of my very best friends here at Rollins. Friends who sing together, stay together. And slay together, for that matter.


Obligatory bathroom selfie before our very fist performance at Convos on Tap circa 2014.

Rock n’ Rollins is just one example, my example. There are all sorts of wonderful things happening on this campus fueled by students whose passions extend into other, non-musical realms. I just hope that the Rock n’ Rollins story speaks to the power of a team who shares a collective vision and dedicates their time and talent to actualizing this dream.

 If you’re a dreamer, Rollins is ready for you.


 ~Sappy quotes from current members about their Rock n’ Rollins experience~

 “I’ve gained so much confidence by singing with you guys – it’s because you’re a great group of supportive, helpful, creative and encouraging kids who bring out the best in each other.”Brita Bergland, BSHE Class of 2016

 “It brought together people I wouldn’t have met otherwise!!”Sabah Ghulamali, GH Class of 2016

“You guys make me remember why I’m excited to be here ”Gelsey Hughes, GLEPI Class of 2016

 “I love that Rock n’ Rollins is like an “equal opportunity” choir. I’ve never been in such a supportive atmosphere where everyone’s voice (literally) gets heard.”Shelby Rentmeester, BSHE Class of 2016

Thank you all for giving me a creative outlet amidst all the grad school craziness!! You’ve been wonderful and I’m so thankful for having sung with you all ”Gabriela Granados, BSHE Class of 2016

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